About Me

Hello and welcome to the Ponderings of my Heart!!

My name is Mindy and in the last 12 years my whole world changed.
I'm a Georgia girl whose become a North Carolina girl.
I've become  a pastor's wife, a mom to four and 
more of a leader than I ever thought I would be. Or even intended to be I am much more of a follower!

 and I am just a girl trying to become more.
Become more and more of a follower {a true disciple} of Jesus everyday.
Become the wife and mom He wants me to be.
Become WHO He wants me to be.
Become a little less lost each and every day.

Become. Become. Become.....

I would love it if you would join me on this journey as I share what is going on in my little part of this world and what I am becoming and pondering in my heart on an {almost} daily basis!!

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Ashley {Horseshoes and Pearls} said...

Hi Mindy!

I ran across your blog from the Oh, How Pinteresting link up yesterday.

Loving your blog and your personality! Looking forward to getting to know you and reading more!

You're not too far from me, I'm a Virginia girl ;)

xo, Ashley @ Horseshoes & Pearls