Monday, June 26, 2017

Children Get Older......

School here in NC ended a little over two weeks ago now.

I was struck on the final day of school when it hit me exactly where my family in on this journey of life.  I knew what grade all of my kids were finishing, but on that last day of school, it just sort of got to me.

Brady is now a Rising 3rd Grader. 
It's time for EOG's and real grades from now on.
He's not a baby anymore. 

  In this county, elementary school includes the 6th grade.  Lillie had her "bridging ceremony".  She is finished with elementary school.

 She is now a Rising 7th grader and is headed to  Middle School in the fall.  

Maggie got an award on the her last day of school for computer skills.  
And it was here that I was dumbfounded by how old my kid are.  
I was reminded that this girl is now a rising 9th Grader.  

It's on to  High School for her in the fall.

Allie finished her first year of high school.
She's no longer a freshman.
Sophomore year, here she comes!  

I sit and wonder how I got here.  It's one of those moments where I just have to shake my head and realize that time really does fly by.  It honestly seems like yesterday (almost) that *I* was going to be a Sophomore in high school.

Goodness, how quickly children get older.  

Lord, my prayer tonight is that you help me be present in the moment. That I can enjoy each age of each child where they are. And that  you will use me to bring them all closer to you.  Amen