Friday, April 14, 2017

Good Friday Taize Thoughts

On Good Friday, at our church, we have a Taize Service.  
This link share what a Taize service is and where it come sfrom. 

For me it is a very moving act of worship. 

Our sanctuary has been open all day for people to come as they wanted.

They can spend as long as they like listening to the Taize music, singing if they want, praying and meditating .

I believe it is a great reminder to us all to take some time.

Time to remember what Jesus did for us on this day.
Time to think about all that he did.

This evening, our whole family went together to worship and pray.

Throughout this day, and as I prayed tonight, I have been thinking about Jesus' disciples.
The bible says they were scared and hiding.
I've come over the last few weeks to identify a whole with these followers of Jesus.
Especially Peter.
The fear they were feeling on this Good Friday night must have been almost unbearable.
But today, I couldn't help but think about how defeated they must have felt.
The man they believed to be their Messiah seems to have now lost the battle.  
They had no clue that Sunday was coming.  

I can't imagine the defeat they were feeling.
The fear.  
The hopelessness.  
The way their minds must have been racing and doubting and wondering about all they had seen and heard over the last few years.  

Tonight, I continue to contemplate the followers of Jesus and what they were feeling.
What do you think the followers of Jesus were feeling tonight?  

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