Thursday, June 11, 2015

Stop The Madness

I finally got some time to sit down and blog.
I was going to catch up on my Project 365 Moments from each day.  
The trouble is that while I have been faithfully taking a shot of something each day, I wasn't so great at remembering what picture goes with which day.  
It has been six weeks since I had time to sit down and blog.  
So, I'm giving up on my project 365.
Hoping to just be able to get back to blogging now and again so my family can see pictures of my kids and see what we have been up to.

Maybe one day, I will really turn this blog into a scrapbook of our lives.
I hope.

So today, I give you the "highlight" reel of our last six weeks.
Here goes.
Our lives have been quite busy.  Just take a look at my calendar....

Allie was inducted into the Jr. Beta Club. 
We are so proud of this girl!  She works hard at school and does so well!

We made a trip to Gatlinburg to celebrate our friend Olivia's birthday.
Dollywood was on the agenda. We had so much fun!

Great couple days with our friends!

Then it was Mother's Day.
My family treated me well.
These two decided to bake me a sweet treat.  
The brownies they made turned out wonderfully.
I was worried.
I kept hearing questions like "How much is two ounces?" and 
"What are egg whites?"

Lillie built her lighthouse project with a little help from her Daddy.

I  sent three girls off to Camp for the weekend.
They had a wonderful time.

and I spent one day that weekend working out in the community with several local youth groups.

Allie had her final band concert.
I am so impressed by how much she has learned in band this year.
The 7th grade band was good!

Maggie and her friends built a volcano for their final school project.

And, we had an "Amazing Race" and lock-in with our Bridge Group at church.

We went to see several friends in a local production of Aladdin.

I got to go spend one night and day with some friends and we celebrated Jenny's birthday.

There were many  tball games....

We finished up another bible study.

I got serious about planning a party ( that will be next week!)

These two attended a school dance and had so much fun!

Lillie had her second piano recital and performed "The Can- Can" , A Sonata and "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" flawlessly!

I did a LOT of work, including cleaning out the supply closet with this help of my friend Heather!

Last weekend I had my big fundraiser that I had been tirelessly working on for weeks.  
It was a huge success and loads of fun.
We had a Parade of Tables and a Silent Auction.
So pleased with how it turned out.

And then came time to all of our end of the year stuff.
EOG's for the girls.

A Kindergarten Graduate.

Miss Maggie's 6th Grade Bridging Ceremony.
She is off to the middles school and 7th grade next year.

And Allie and Lillie both had awards ceremonies today.

We celebrated the last day of school tonight as a family with their favorite restaurant (Chili's) and dessert.

Time isn't going to slow down for another month or so, but that is okay.
For now, we are grateful that the these last six hectic weeks were fun and successful ones and that we had fun throughout.  
We are looking forward to lots more fun this summer.

I guess the madness will stop sometime.
But not today.
And not in our near future.
We will just hang on and enjoy the ride.
Thanking Jesus along the way for His presence, His guidance and His blessings of one another.