Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Halloween 2014

School was out on Halloween this year.  
It happened to be the end of the First Nine Weeks, so they were out of school on that Thursday and on Friday, which was Halloween.
Last year we fooled around and didn't even carve a pumpkin.
Brady has been asking since then if  this year we can carve a pumpkin.

So, on Halloween morning we did just that.

Everyone got to have their own pumpkin.

Everyone got their hands in the guts and cleaning them out.

Everyone, especially Brady, was loving it!

I ended up carving 3 out of 4 of the pumpkins, but they all had a great time and helped with their pumpkins.

Maggie's is a pumpkin with a kitten coming out of it, Brady's had two ghosts (that he drew for me to carve out), Lillie's was a cute monster, and Allie carved a witch into her own.  

After lunch, it was time to get into our costumes because we had to head over to church at 3 to get ready for our Trunk or Treat.  
This year.....

Lillie was a witch....


Maggie was an 80's Valley Girl......

Checking out her manicure and seeming uninterested.

This kid.
He was a HAPPY Skeleton.
First, he wanted to be a ghost.
But, when he found that we were just going to go all Charlie Brown on him and buy a sheet, he decided against it.
He then said he wanted to be a werewolf.
I said nothing scary!
He said well, I will be a  happy skeleton then.

He is smiling....

Allie chose to be a flapper.


A group shot.

That evening we went over to our churches Fall Festival.
Allie worked the Fall Trail with our youth and the others did fun activities, ate popcorn and candy, and Trunk or Treated.
It was a great night!

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