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Moments {8.10.14}

This week was so fun.  Our Maggie turned 11 and, somehow, her birthday celebration always ends up being a week long event!! So, here are our moments from this past week. A LOT of them were celebrating Maggie.

Saturday, August 2, 2014 -- Maggie's actual birthday.
We went out to a local place for breakfast. They have a buffet and Maggie loved it!

211/365..... She. is. 11. today.....

Sunday, August 3, 2014 --  I had a recovering from being sick kiddo still so he and I stayed home from church, but I was able to watch the service live online.  

And then on Sunday afternoon, hubs and I finally had a date night.  I had gotten him tickets to a concert for our anniversary back in April. So, we got a sitter --- SO thankful for my in-laws who came and fed all of the kids supper and played cornhole and searched for treasure in our yard with them!


And hubs and I headed off to our concert.
JAMES TAYLOR was amazing!!

Monday, August 4, 2014 --  Another busy Monday of work but we had a great time at our small group.
We had a birthday girl!!

Her dad brought ice cream sandwiches for everyone and a sweet hat for her to wear!
213/365....Happy 18th Birthday to you, Rachael!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014 -- My kids have been at each other a LOT lately.
I have been saying "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all" so much that they should just hear it without my opening their mouths.
But they needed a reminder. I couldn't fit all of that on my chalkboard.
But this says the same thing!!

I also worked on my front porch for a bit. Redid that chalkboard and took the burlap ribbon off of my "C".  I'm not positive I like it better.....but I think I do.
214/365.....front porch.

Also on Tuesday, Grammy and Granddaddy came to visit to celebrate Maggie's birthday!
We had a great evening with them.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014 --  I did some work and then we took Maggie shopping for her birthday.
She didn't pick out anything at all....
After that, we went out for a nice supper .
Once we got home, the kids had a great time playing on the tree that had fallen in our back yard.
They are going to miss it!

315/365......AND I got new shoes!  A little leopard adds some sass to my Sperry's. I love them!

Thursday, August 7, 2914 -- Grammy and Granddaddy had to go home and then it was time to get some things done!  
We had a busy day.  
Hubs and the kids went swimming in the evening and I made a chicken salad.
When we lived in Sylva, there was a little cafe that had the best chicken salad I have ever had.
Theirs doesn't have grapes but I think I got close to the flavor.  SO good.

216/365......OH my.  This book. SO intense.
It isn't often that *I* can't put down a non-fiction book.
 But I honestly can't put it down!

Friday, August 8, 2014 -- On Friday, Maggie finally got to have her friend Bailey come for a sleepover and we went shopping (again) for her birthday.
She bought a pair of shoes and a new monopoly game.  
We had a great afternoon shopping and then tried a really good pizza place in downtown Charlotte.

While we were out shopping, we started getting texts about 'teacher letters'.
Friday day the day that letters from this upcoming year's teachers showed up in our mailbox.
We were an hour from home.
The girls were having a good time shopping but they couldn't wait to get home and see who their new teachers were.
And Brady was excited to get his first ever teacher letter.
Lillie was invited to a sleepover that night.
Jumping up and down and screaming happened when these two realized that they are finally in the same class.
217/365......sweet friends!!

It has been a great week.
I can't believe that school starts back in just two weeks.
We have a lot of summer to fit in  in that time.
We are gonna try our hardest to make it a great two weeks!!

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