Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Summer Shoes

My friends would tell you that I have an affinity for shoes.
I especially love heels. 
And I wear them a lot.
But, let's just be honest, there are days when I just don't want to wear heels.
Grocery shopping, for instance.
That is a time I do not want to be wearing heels.
Sometimes, a girl just wants some comfortable shoes.

In the winter, this poses no problem because I just wear boots.
Comfy and cozy warm.
Perfect for winter.

But, now that it is getting warmer, the boots will no longer do.
For several years now, all I have worn in the warm months are simple flip-flops and Clark flip-flop style sandals.
I really like wearing the flip flops and the Clarks.
There are times, though, that I need a dressier shoe but still don't want to wear heels.

Last year, I  stepped out of my comfort zone and bought these cute little flats.

I was so happy that I really liked them and that they were so comfy.

Unfortunately, black with ecru dots don't match everything.
So, today while Brady and I were at Target getting groceries, we also perused the shoe section.
I tried on several pairs of shoes.  
{And got lots of commentary from my 5 year old!}

I like these a lot.  Gold sandals are good.  
{Brady said he loved them!!}
They kind of hurt between my toes though. 

Side note:  Is it a new thing that Target carries Sam & Libby's?  I had no idea.

Next, I tried these wedges.
Cute, but again. Kinda hurt between my toes.
{Again, Brady liked these}

Next up were these snake skin flats.
Cute.  Still trying to decide if I like the pointy toe.

They also had them in a nude shade.
{Brady did NOT like this style}

These looked extremely comfy on the shelf.
And since the straps across the top are fabric you would think they would be.
They also had cork on the wedge part of the shoe.
Loved how light the were, but they kinda hurt my toes.
And I'm not sure I like them on me.....

Next up, were these cute little ballet flats.
They had several colors. 
But not in my size.

By this time, Brady was done looking at shoes.
SO, we checked out of Target and got in the car to go.

But, I couldn't resist running into Old Navy to see what cute little flats they had.
They had NO flats that I liked, but I did find these cute boat shoes.
And I made a split second decision to get them.
I was pleasantly surprised that they were on sale  -- $16.01 with tax.

I seriously love them! 
But, I still want some cute dressier shoes for summer.

I saw theses last week.
I've been drooling over them on my phone since then.
Maybe I should just go back and get these.

I also have this picture on my phone.
I really do these these would be cute with a pair of jeans and a black top.
But, I'm not sure they are "me" or if I can pull off camouflage....

Which are your favorites?
What kind of shoes do you like to wear in the summer?

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