Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Run After Me

Recently while listening to one of my favorite Pandora stations, I heard a song that I loved.
It had beautiful harmony and the lyrics that I heard the first time through were great.
I "liked" it immediately and made note to remember the person who sang it so I could look it up later.
Well, then I forgot to look it up later and I forgot the singers name.

I waited and waited to hear it again.
I finally did and I was in the shower so I couldn't jump out and look at the name but I noted more of the lyrics and loved it even more.  
I thought at that moment that this song was exactly what I needed to be praying for.

The third time I heard it, I got smart and took a screen shot. =)
I looked it up then and since that time I have not been able to get the lyrics out of my head.

Read on and you'll see......

Run After Me
Savior, like a shepherd lead me
Closely draw me to Your side
To depend on my own leading
would leave me forever unsatisfied

Savior, like a shepherd save me
Save me from the path I'd choose
Save me with a fierce protection
and a patience I can't refuse

Be to me a shepherd always
Help me walk with Thee
When I start to run alone, Lord
Run after me

Be to me more than a guide, Lord
Be to me more than a road
Be an all consuming fire
Light my pathway and refine my soul

Can you take me, so slow and stubborn?
Would you chase me when I stray?
Could you train me to hear Your voice, Lord?
Will you set my sight upon Your face?

Be to me a shepherd always
Help me walk with Thee
When I start to run alone, Lord
Run after me

This afternoon, I finally found time to look for a video on youtube and to check out the singer.
The singer/songwriter is Lyndsay Taylor and she is incredible.
Go check her out on her website or her youtube channel.
She can sign like a bird and the harmonies are incredible.
Just watch:

I will be snatching up some of her albums asap!
For now, though, I will be buying Run After Me on itunes and downloading it to my phone.
Because this is a prayer I need to pray repeatedly day in and day out.

Jesus, Be to me a shepherd always.  Help me walk with Thee. When I start to run alone, Lord, Run after me.......

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