Thursday, April 10, 2014

Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens

We lived in Belmont, NC for 7 years.
In all of that time, I only visited Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens one time.
For a wedding reception.
And even then, I only went into the main building.

Today, I had the opportunity to go with Lillie on field trip to visit these beautiful gardens.

It was a very pretty place!

Lillie had a great time touring the place with her friends.

Tiny daffodils...

 The kids loved this fountain.

 Go ahead. Tack a chance.

So much fun!

Most of Lillie's 3rd Grade class.

There is an orchid house at this park. 
So very pretty.

The kids got to plant a flower....

and learn about pollinators and pollination.

More gorgeous orchids.

The kids also got to dissect a flower to see what was on the inside.

After lunch the field trip was over, so I checked Lillie out early.

Since we were in town, we couldn't resist stopping to see Ms. Helen.
She has been sick and we wanted to stop by to see how she was doing.

We were excited that Ms. Tina and Wendy were there, too.

It really was a great day. 
Beautiful gardens
and a wonderful visit with friends.

On the way home, Lillie said that this had been the best day!
I agree.

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