Thursday, April 17, 2014


Last week, I got to go on a second field trip.
On Friday, I went with Allie to Uptown Charlotte.
We were to take a walking tour of the city.
I wondered what this would be and what they would have to teach us about Charlotte.
Turns out, it was quite interesting and we all learned a lot!
Waiting to start our tour.......
Allie just looks bored here and we hadn't even started.

Our guide told us that Charlotte is 2nd in the country in banking behind NYC.
That I already knew....

A picture that Allie took .
She like the joke. =)

The weather was warm so we saw a few tents set up downtown to sell vegetables. 

A pretty waterfall at one of the buildings.

Our guide knew lots of facts about Charlotte.  
He kept all of our attention.

The tallest building in the Charlotte skyline.
And below is one of the statues at the center of the city.
She represents industry in Charlotte......
She isn't actually looking up at the building, but I like that it looks like she was.

  Part of Charlotte's skyline.
Charlotte was originally called "Charlottetown" and is named after Queen Charlotte who was King George's wife.
I love the skyline!

There is a cemetery right in the middle of uptown. Settler's cemetery is exactly what it says.
A place where many of the first settler's of Charlotte are buried.  
The man who founded Charlotte, Thomas Polk, is buried in plot that is on the bottom right corner.
There are over 3000 people buried here, but no where near that amount of grave markers.
Which is why they can't move the cemetery out of the city.

The day we were down there was the opening day of The Charlotte Knights baseball team.
We walked to the park outside the stadium where there was a great view of Charlotte's skyline. 

Allie's homeroom class with their homeroom teacher Mrs. Kirby.

We then walked back to The Green where we began our day to eat lunch.
After we ate lunch, the trip was over.
I signed Allie out and she got to go home with her sweet friend, Maddie, for a sleepover.

It was a great field trip.
In addition to all the things above, we saw the crossroads where Charlotte began.
And we saw the building that Michael Jordan and Cam Newton live in. 
That was most impressive to the boys in the group. 
I learned a lot and I think Allie did too.
Plus, since she is in 6th grade, I know there won't be many more field trips that she requests that I attend with her.
It was a great day!!

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