Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Playgrounds, Parks and Parties

On another day during our week in Georgia,
 we spent the morning at a park across the top of the mountain.

The kids had a grand time running, playing and chasing cousins.

and climbing

When these two were first born, I thought they didn't look alike at all.
{They are fraternal twins}
Now, I feel they look much more alike than I originally thought.
What do you think?

The see-saw was fun.

Especially with Grammy on the other end.

We left there and went out separate ways.
My sister and Mom took the twins to put them down for a nap.

My family went to grab some lunch and then on to Cloudland Canyon State Park to do some hiking.

Down we go.....

A place to stop and rest.



The beautiful water fall at the bottom.

Allie wasn't thrilled to be there. She was worried we would run into a bear.
While it is possible around there, I tried to assure her it wasn't probable.

Time to start back up....

I noticed this sign on the way out.  
Have fun but watch for falling rock!

The hike out was a workout.
LOTS of stairs....

Holding up the rocks....

Once we got back to the top we enjoyed the view of the canyon.


This park is literally in the back yard of the house I grew up in.
Backs right up to my dad's property.

SO pretty.....

After we finished our trip down in the canyon, we visited the cemetery where my dad's parents and loads of relations are buried to share some family history with the kids.

Then we went back to Grammy's for a 'party'.

The cooks.....

We partied with our family and had a really nice visit.

My step sister, Lauren and her family came out.
We got to meet our new niece and cousin. 
Baby Caroline.

And we had a grand time playing with her big brother, JP, too.

We all went to bed worn out from our day.
But we certainly had happy, contented hearts!!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Moments {4.25.14}

When I was in Georgia last week, I had my computer but forgot my charger.
Needless to say, I didn't get the rest of my posts for the week up.
But, I will be getting them all up in the next few days so the grandparents can enjoy all the pictures.

I had hoped to do by Project 365/InstaFriday post from there, too.
I decided to go ahead and post it today instead of waiting for this Friday and doing it as one big post.
Two weeks of pictures from me would be a LOT.

So, here are the moments I captured for the week ending 4.25.14.....aka Spring Break 2014.

Saturday, April 19, 2014 --
This day started out at our Annual Easter Event for the children of our community.
Unfortunately, it rained so we had to do everything inside, but we still had a good crowd.

108/365.....Kneel at the cross.....

Sunday, April 20, 2014 --
Easter Sunday
109/365.....Beautiful day......My sweet kids.  Silly faces....

We had a fantastic afternoon with Grandpap and Nana.

Monday, April 21,  2014 --
our first day of Spring Break.
I washed all the clothes in the house for our trip to Georgia and we went to play at the playground with our friend, Joseph.
It was his birthday.

My only instagram photo on Monday was a 'latergram' of the haircut I got last Friday.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014 --
We all got up and finished packing our bags.
And this happened.  
Summer Haircut for this boy....
 Then we headed out to Georgia to visit my family.
We finally arrived just in time for supper.
Which is why there are two instagram photos for this day.
I forgot to take a picture with my 'real' camera.
SO mad about that. First time!!


Wednesday, April 23, 2014 --
We had a great day full of Easter egg hunts, carousel rides and supper out....

112/365.....sweet cousins....

carousel rides.......<3 p="">
Chattanooga is the best city ever.
 Thursday, April 24, 2014 --
On Thursday, after playing at the playground
{stay tuned for those pics tomorrow}
my family and I went to grab a quick lunch at Krystal.
We have to have it when we go to Georgia.
It is good stuff.
Then we went for a hike at Cloudland Canyon State Park.
SO pretty.

113/365.....sunshine through the dogwood trees.....

 Friday, April 25, 2014 --
Another great day of Spring Break.
We had a great lunch with friends and a fish fry with lots of family and friends.

114/365.....These two had a good time at lunch.

and the day ended with a pretty sunset from my Mom's back deck.

Our Spring Break in Georgia lasted two more days after Friday.
I will share more on that this week and in next weeks photos!
It was a great week.
Hate this post is late but it was worth it to have such a great week with my family back in Georgia.

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Thursday, April 24, 2014


On Tuesday, the kids and I drove to the place that will forever be "home" for me.
The tiny community I grew up in is called New Salem, Georgia.
And it is one of my favorite places.
Full of family, friends and loads of memories.

We arrived in time for supper on Tuesday night and then visited for a while.
On Wednesday we got up and went to my Grandmother's house to do an egg hunt with the kids.

I am blessed to have one set of grandparents both still living.
My Pa came out and sat on his seat and watched as the kids hunted eggs.

He doesn't remember us anymore but he enjoyed watching I think.
And I know my Granny enjoyed the visit.

We hid the eggs for the babies and then again for just Brady.
My girls didn't want to hunt eggs.

The preferred to 'help' my nephews hunt for the eggs.

My sister, Ginger, and Bradford.

Holden and Brady.

Brady showing my Granny his eggs....

Maggie with my Granny.
This is something that I love seeing.
My kids making memories in my grandparents home and yard.
As I did when I was a child.

We then went back to my mom's house for a while to rest before headed to Chattanooga to meet my Dad.
Allie painted Grammy's toenails.

Babies resting......

Ginger and I then loaded up our kids and drove to Coolidge Park in Downtown, Chattanooga.
I also consider Chattanooga 'home'. 
It was 'town' for us when I was growing up.
It, too, holds a lot of memories for me.

The kids loved riding the Carousel.

After we rode the carousel, we went and walked near the river while we waited on my Dad to arrive.

The park runs along the Tennessee River.....

Besides the carousel and wide open areas to picnic and run, it has a water pad.
I was surprised it was open yesterday already.
We kept the kids out of it because we didn't have extra clothes for them.
But we promised to return this summer for some splash pad fun!

There is also a walking bridge across the river from this park.
It was once a bridge for cars but they changed it to a walking bridge back when I was in highschool.
You can also see the Hunter Museum of Art on the far shore under the bridge.

Chattanooga is also the home of The Delta Queen. 
A riverboat that offers dinner cruises.

We began to walk back toward the carousel and saw Papa walking toward us.
The kids ran to meet him.

Then Nana arrived . Everyone was happy to see them both!

We then headed out to supper in another part of downtown .
When I was in college, I worked in this building at the Guess store.
It has changed a lot in the last several years.
All of these stores have changed from chain stores to local places and restaurants.

Once I managed to parallel park, we went to eat supper.
At one of those new restaurants in that building.
It was very good!

It's good to be home. <3 p="">