Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Parenting 101 - Tweens/Teen ?

This is the Barbie doll that caused the trama.
This Barbie caused some serious girl drama today in my house.

One sister got the Barbie out of a bag of discarded toys and cut said Barbie's hair
Another sister finds it and is irate that her Barbie doll's hair has been cut because it was a special Barbie given to her by a friend in fourth grade.
And the arguments, yelling and drama began.

This scenario happens at my house so much lately.
My girls have always been dramatic. 
But, now that we are in the almost tween and tween stages, it has hit a new high.

And quick frankly, it's exhausting me.
I've read many different parenting books but feel like I am completely out of my league with this new stuff.  
I would LOVE to hear from you all what parenting teens books you have read and would recommend for me to read.

I am feeling desperate and am praying that God has someone out there who can recommend a book for me to read that will help us all survive these years to come.
So, that we will come out on the other side with an intact mother/daughter relationship.

And that's all I've got to say about that tonight because as I said, I'm exhausted and need to get to sleep. 

Book suggestions?

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