Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The God of Angel Armies

I watched a video on Youtube today of Chris Tomlin telling this story of his song called "Whom Shall I Fear".  He told of a story in 2 Kings where the King of Aram was mad at Elisha and send a huge army to go and capture him.  Elisha's servant was very worried and asked what should we do?

Elisha's servant was afraid but Elisha was not.

Elisha trusted God. That God is who He says He is (This phrase is forever in my mind from Beth Moore's study "Believing God").

He knew God was with him and he knew that God had bands of Angel Armies all around who would protect him.

He prayed that God would open the eyes of his servant so that the man could see the Angel Army surrounding them.  And God did open his eyes.

I relate to the servant in this passage so much.  My fear tends to get the best of me and I am afraid.  I don't trust as I should and I don't recognize the presence of God or His Angel Army.

I desperately want to trust God that much I want an awareness that His Angels are watching over me. I want to see those Angels and know they are there.

Trust.  That's difficult for me. Many things in my life have taught me not to trust.  God is working with me on this kind of trust.

I am praying tonight that I can see the band of angel armies all around this night. That I see and not the servant of Elisha did in this story.

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