Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Girls Weekend -- Hilton Head 2014

Last Friday afternoon, 4 of my favorite girls and I headed out to Hilton Head for our second annual girls weekend.
We arrived at our hotel after 11PM.  Late night.
Kandi got up early to go run the Hilton Head Half Marathon.
The rest of us went to breakfast at Panara Bread.

No worries, though.
We were at the finish line in plenty of time to cheer our friend across the finish line.
There was a pond in the park where the race was held.
We saw this thing swimming through the water. NOT on top.
We thought it was a snake.
At first.
Closer examination revealed it was a duck.
I have never seen a duck swim under the water.
Oddest thing for sure.

As we waited on Kandi to finish the race, 
Jenny was trying to keep the towel we brought for her dry.
She gave us a glimpse of what she will look like preggo.

And after a few more minutes, we cheered our friend across the finish line....

The babushka lady helping unwrap her medal.....

SHE did it!  {Again} =)
In the rain.  
Who does that?
She's like the mailman.

The five of us after the race.....

We then went back to the hotel so Kandi could shower and rest.
These girls did some grading papers......or marking words out of books or something.
 A teacher's work is never done....

 After some rest time, and lunch at the traditional place -- Five Guys, 
we headed to the beach.
Even when it's cold outside, if you are at Hilton Head
you have to go to the beach.....

and get your picture made on the beach......

It was a beautiful afternoon for a walk on the beach.....

SO pretty.

After we walked down the beach, we did some searching and found this delicious little Italian Cafe for supper.

By the time supper was over, we were all tired.  

So, we headed back to the hotel and watched a bit of the Olympics before trying to sleep.
Only two of us got a lot of sleep though.
I wasn't one of those two.

And we got up way too early on Sunday morning to get home.
Like 5AM early......

It was a quick trip but a wonderful time to be with friends!

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