Thursday, February 13, 2014

A 1920's Celebration {for My 40th} Part 2 -- LOADS of pics {UPDATED AND EDITED}

The day of my party started with a nice relaxing pedicure.  
And then Kandi and I were off to get our hair done.
Our friend, Amanda (also my previous and Kandi's current hairstylist) did our hair for the party.
Quick note: Kandi didn't have a headpiece. 
So I made a run to Walmart with my headpiece on and my hair already fixed to find something for her.
Not one person looked at me twice.....
My awesome hubby deserves a shout out for keeping all of the kids busy and having fun that day.
He took them swimming at the indoor pool.

After hair-do's, I went back to the hotel to get ready.
Once everyone was back -- we got everyone dressed and it was finally time to party.
As I said our friend Julie owns Pinnacle Events in Sylva, NC.
She is an amazing Event Planner.
Check out my decorations.....

Table settings......

Loved the lighted twig branches on the tables.
They were awesome.
And Julie made them herself!

I only got one picture of the food and it was before it was actually set up....

I don't know why I didn't get more ---- but it was delicious.
We had amazing chicken salad sandwiches, ham sandwiches, pasta salad, jello (because that was popular in the 20's), cokes in retro coke bottles (courtesy of my friend Scott), drinks that they would've had in the 20's minus the hooch =) and lots of other fun stuff.
Me with the Mock Bloody Mary.
Julie did a excellent job on these - they were delish!
You can go here to see more of the awesome food and the blog post that Julie did on this event.
YOU can see more of the amazing events that Julie has done by liking Pinnacle Events on facebook here.....

Remember, I showed you the picture of the photo booth idea I had?
LOOK at this.  
My friends did an amazing job!

These two were partly responsible for this.
Along with our friend John - who built that moon and ,our friend, Cassie

I love this picture of our friend Carolyn.

Susan and Daniel.
She made the cake. 
More on that later.

Daryle and Donna.  

Jenny and Cassie. 

And I think this is my all time favorite picture of my friend Valerie. 
Isn't it awesome.

Candids of before we ate supper....
I loved that everyone got into the 20's theme along with me!!

My Mom and Stepdad.......

SO, my friend Kandi had a big surprise planned for me.
We had a murder mystery to solve after supper.

I don't know if everyone else liked it or not, 
but I loved it!!

And I wish you could've seen our friend John.
He had serious notes and was working hard to solve the mystery.
He had a system!!  
Kelly and Val were working hard with him.

I did not have a system.
I almost  won.
I had two out of three things figured out.
My sister beat me.....

Me and Hubby having fun in the photo booth.

Love these fellas.

 My family who traveled 2 and 3 hours to be at this party.
Love them so!!

My sister and I.....

I think this might be my favorite shot of the night.
I don't remember what we were laughing so hard about.
I love all these ladies.

We were having a great time.....

Then it was time for cake......

Our friend Susan (from above) made my cake.
She does incredible cakes.

It had a high heel (sassy shoe) on top, pearls and an awesome headpiece on it.  

And a few more shots before it was time to go....
My girls.....

Scott, Kelly and I.....

Another of my favs from the night.  
My sweet friends.
Courtney, me, Kandi and Emily.

Hubby and I after it was all over.

It was an absolutely amazing night.
I was surrounded by family and friends.
People I really love and cherish.
I missed those who couldn't attend but
was so blessed by all of those who came and 
celebrated my 40th birthday with me.
I felt so loved and so blessed.
It is a night I will never forget.

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