Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A 1920's Celebration {for My 40th} Part 1

I love parties.
I love theme parties.
I love costume parties.
It is so much fun to relive an era gone by!

A couple of years ago, I helped plan and implement a 1980's party for my BFF.
It was a blast.  
I only wish I could have gotten my bangs bigger. =)

About a year ago so or, I started thinking about my own 40th birthday and wanted to do another theme party.   
At first I thought of doing another 80's theme and do an 80's prom.  
But, decided that had already been done.

Then I thought about a 1940's USO kinda party (which I still think would be fun).

But then decided on a 1920's Speak Easy style party  because I have always LOVED that decade with all of it's decadence.  

So, I started looking at what I would like to see at my party.
I started a Pinterest board and thought about plans.

And then -- in August after planning a Horse Party and a Star Wars party
I decided to nix the idea of doing another big party in one year.
And honestly, my birthday is on Christmas Eve and when in the world would we have a party that people would be able to come to.

I told my bestie that I had decided against doing a party for myself and she would not have it.
She got with a few friends one of which has her own event planning business and they went with it.
I was allowed to share things that I liked but other than that I was not allowed to help with the planning at all.

My friend, Julie owns Pinnacle Events and she and Kandi led the troops to an incredible party for me.

In part two of this post, I plan to share all kinds of pictures from the actual party.
For now, though -- I thought I would share with you the one request I had for the party.
And since I didn't spent time planning the actual party, I did spend quite a bit of time working on what I would wear to the party, so I thought I would share those items from my Pinterest board.

My friends who were planning the party asked for my input on lots of things. 
I originally found this incredible invitation but printing on handkerchiefs proved to be just too much 
 so here is what we ended up with.  The handkerchief was cool but the wording is what I liked best anyways!!

Isn't it just the Bees Knees?!?!

We chose to use black and silver with touches of red as the color palate.

I did ask for a photo booth. Because I love photo booths!!
This is the one I liked....
come back and see the post of the party to see what my friends came up with!!

We worked on foods from the 20's and what we ended up with was fantastic.  Did you know that deviled eggs were a popular dish in the 20's?!?
We didn't have deviled eggs. Stay tuned to see what we did have!!

I began looking at dresses I would like to have and found quickly that vintage 1920's clothing and even replica's are really expensive.
I found this dress:

It was from Miss Selfridge, but was sold out.
I couldn't find it any where..... not even on ebay.

So, my MIL made my dress for me.
We found similar sequins and feathers

Just wait to see what we ended up with.
I think we made a pretty good match and yet made it all my own at the same time!!.

My headpiece was my ode to The Great Gatsby.
It was a replica of the one worn by Carey Mulligan.
I didn't notice that the middle part was broken until the day of the party. =(
I still loved it though.

I ordered my shoes from ModCloth.
Silver. T-straps.
LOVE them.

I also worked hard at finding hair styles I liked and authentic makeup.....
Here are a couple of the idea's I wanted.....
My hair ended up quite similar.....

my makeup was not quite like this, but similar.....

Lastly I ordered these amazing panty hose to finish off my look....

I can't wait to show you the actual party.....
Here's a sneak peek of the hubs and I after it was all over......

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