Monday, February 17, 2014

2014 Winter Games {in our backyard}

As I shared last week, it snowed around here.
It started snowing on Wednesday afternoon and we got about 3 inches that day.

This is my family trying to sled out there.

We woke to more snow coming down on Thursday morning.

They enjoyed watching it.

Finally, the snow was coming down hard and we were all quite excited.

So pretty....

After breakfast, we headed outside.
Some of our neighbors came over and we had a blast.
There were snow ball fights....

and loads of sledding.

They worked hard at making a good sledding track....

and at throwing snowballs.
Love this shot of my girl, Allie!

They made jumps on the sledding hill, too.
Maggie was great at getting 'air'.

Brady had a blast sledding over and over down the hill.


Brady's buddy came over and they had so much fun together.

Trouble was that the two littlest were so light, they didn't make it over the jumps so easily.

Lillie snowboarding on her sled. 

Allie stalled out on the jump.

These next two shots may be my favorite of the whole day....


It was such a fun morning.

11 inches of snow or more.....

Priceless time with my family!!

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