Monday, January 20, 2014

Senior High Retreat 2014

Back in August, the youth committee and I met with our youth to ask what they would like to see happen in our youth group.  One of their requests was a separate trip just for the senior high.
So, I decided to have separate winter retreats.
This past weekend, I took seven senior high students to Resurrection 2014.
Resurrection is a winter retreat put on by the Holston Conference of the United Methodist Church.
I attended this retreat as a youth and loved every minute of it.
Without further ado, here are some scenes from our weekend.....

Dancing before the session Friday night.....

From the back of the room on Friday night.
I would say there were about 5000 people in this room.....

Saturday morning before our second session....

More dancing before the second session
"It's worse than that. He's dead Jim.....Star-Trekkin across the universe"

Even chaperones{and dads} had fun!!

 Never a dull moment with these three!

Three of our beautiful ladies!

Saturday Night session included a concert by the band.
Dancing queens.....

Seriously LOVE this shot...... <3 p="">

Our other beautiful lady in a turkey hat....

Hope was the theme of the weekend and our verse was Psalm 27:14.
Andy Nixon spoke to us about waiting on God and being available to him, taking a good hard look at ourselves and seeing where we are blessed and where we are broken -- because working through our weaknesses make us stronger.  
He spoke on Saturday night about saying YES to Jesus
and on Sunday morning about our calling and purpose.  

The kids really enjoyed the band with the loud bass and drums that shook the walls.... =)

On Sunday, after a wonderful worship service that included communion before Andy spoke,
we got a picture of our group with Andy, the speaker.
He is our new friend.
He said so.....

I was honored to get to share this weekend with these youth.
They are some incredible youth and my prayer is that they will take what they learned this weekend and continue to grow in Christ!

It was a wonderful weekend of renewal all around I think.  So pleased I was allowed to be a part of it.
And that I'm allowed to be a part of their lives!!

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