Friday, January 17, 2014


The moments of our I can remember each day by a picture.

Saturday, January 11 -- 

Papa and Nay Nay were here.  Two pictures very difference. 

11/365.....did you catch it?

Sunday, January 12 --

My Lillie birthday.
Supper out with BFF's is the best....

12/365.....Silly Faces and cookie cake for her 9th birthday....

Monday, January 13 --
Walking in to find them sitting in Maggie's bed giggling together.
Be still my heart.
Love seeing sisterly love.
Especially when these days it's not as frequent as I would like.

13/365 ----- Lillie got a birthday card in the mail from our friends Tripp and Jenny.
It included this.  LOVE it!!!!

Tuesday, January 14 -

The kids had dentist appointments.
I arrived to school early and got to watch Allie on the playground with her friends.
Loved seeing that.

14/365.......Dentist appointment....teeth cleaning 

Wednesday, January 15 --
A celebration because Lillie finally tasted the Red Beans and Rice.

15/365...... He made a pine cone bird feeder. We hung it.

Thursday, January 16 -
new shoes....<3 p="">

16/365..... heavy frost this morning.... 

Friday, January 17 --
I'm headed out of town with our senior high youth to attend a winter retreat.
If you think of it, I would love for you to pray that they meet God in a more personal way this weekend!
These are our new shirts.
The back .......

The front......

Have a great weekend. I will be checking in on all the other's joining in on Monday when I return!!

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Angie's Angle said...

What great shots!! I especially love the teeth cleaning though, something about that one!

JennyImp said...

I like those sassy shoes!

Glad the little 'hw' was well received :) I was unsure if it'd be cute or weird but thought it'd be a fun tradition to start with your kiddos! <3

Victoria said...

The bird feeder picture is awesome!

WeeMason's Mom said...

Everyone seemed to pretty happy to have the kitty in the picture LOL

Looks like a fun and busy week for you guys!!

Carrie said...

Love the birthday cake photo. Funny faces is the only way I get a photo of my 4 year old now.

Branson said...

I thought of comment type things for so many of those photos but once I got to the bottom I forgot most of them ;) But I am curious about your role with youth ministry... are you a leader? I work part time as the youth coordinator and we lead a high school small group and it is uniquely challenging work ;)