Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Goals for a New Year.....

I don't really like the word Resolution.
Because it means that I resolve to do something.
And if I resolve to do something then it means I had better succeed and it is maddening to me when I don't succeed.
SO, instead of resolving to do things this year, I am going to set goals for myself.
Somehow, setting goals seams a little kinder.
I am so hard on myself most of the time that being a little kinder is a good thing.
Maybe, that should be one of my goals. 

I also don't have many goals this year. Mostly, they are same as the goals I had last year. Actually pretty much exactly the same goals as last year.  =(
Which means that I failed at my goals for last year. 

SO, let me just list them again.

1 .Being INTENTIONAL is still a goal for myself.
Somehow, in all the busy"ness" of our lives, I find things that I want to do left undone.
Things I that I want to be intentional about.
Things like:

*one fiction and one nonfiction book a month -- or at least every other month depending on the size of the book. =)

*Quiet times -- real, scheduled quiet time spent with the Lord. This is how I grow in HIM.
And I want to continue to grow closer to him.  And to have Him work through me.  

*Reading my bible through - completely --again.

*Reading books with my my kids.
Haven't done this in a long time.
They still like to be read to.
I want for us to read some great children's books together this year.
Starting with (and maybe finishing throughout the year) The Chronicles of Narnia.
Started the first book tonight.

*Encouraging the girls to get in their rooms in time each night to have their own quiet time with God.
Another thing I want to do more with them is journal with them. Maybe I will make it a quiet time journal between Mom and each girl.

*Encourage hubby to get back to doing devotions each night with Brady.
We always say prayers with him but he needs his own devotion time, too.

*Exercise -- I've gotten pretty good at running 3 times per week.
I really want to add some other things to my week.
Strength training and workout yoga possibly.

*My house cleaning schedule.  
It is set. It is even typed out.
I'm just usually so tired ( or sometimes just don't wanna do it) to do it.
My house has suffered since I started this job in June.
I don't want that to continue.  

*Journaling for myself.
Besides the journals with the girls, I want to get back to my own journaling habits.
I used to be really good at it.  I want to do it again.
And blog more. 
Because this blog is really for me to be able to look back and remember as well as to keep my family up to date on what is happening in the lives of my kids.  
I want to really pay attention to my kids and enjoy the time I have with them.
I know it won't last forever.
Not even much longer---so I want to enjoy it and then write it all down to remember it.

*I also want to be intentional about the time I spend with my kids and with my husband.
That, if I can help it, we will be growing closer together in these times and that I'm intentionally helping that growth to happen......and not impeding it.  =/

I think that is it.
Those are my goals going forward.
Same as last year.
Last year I failed.
This year, I hope not to.
Pray for me, won't you?

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