Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas 2013 {No. 3}

I've got news.
It's cold.
really cold.
It's a whopping 12 degrees and is headed down to about 7 in the morning.
I can feel the cold coming through the windows.
It might be colder where you are.
If so, I'm sorry for complaining.
But - this girl.
This southern girl isn't used to this cold.  If it is going to be this cold couldn't we at least have some snow.....?


On to what I really wanted to share.
Our Christmas #3 was with Grammy and Granddaddy Cagle who came over to visit us on 
December 29th and stayed for two whole days.

The kids didn't wait to open presents, it was almost immediately when they arrived.

Brady got a pair of snow boots and a Hot Wheels Track that he loves.

Maggie got an beautiful sterling silver necklace with her monogram.....

 Lillie got a guitar.
She was so exited and cannot wait for her Daddy to teach her to play.....

Allie also got a monogrammed necklace.
She loves it.

Uncle Heath also sent gifts. He sent the girls new Taylor Swift shirts. A BIG HIT!
I'm not sure why I didn't get any pictures of them.

And he sent this for Brady....
I shared what I think of every time I look at it here......

Grammy and Granddaddy stayed with us from Friday afternoon until Sunday morning.
On Friday after the gift explosion, we hung out at home. I made some Borboun Balls for my step dad and then we made Taco Soup for supper.
On Saturday, we all went to the movies and out to supper and to get ice cream as an early treat for Lillie's upcoming birthday.

It was a wonderful weekend!

Are you tired of my Christmas posts yet?
There will only be one more.....
I promise.

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