Monday, January 13, 2014

Christmas 2013 {#4}

We enjoyed our 4th and final Christmas Celebration this past weekend.
Papa and NayNay arrived on Friday afternoon.
The weather was a mess so we ordered pizza.
They stayed with the kids while hubs and I went to get flu shots (ugh) and then on to pick up the pizza.  
I am terrible at getting shots and have big anxiety over having a reaction to any kind of medication.
I'm happy to report that it didn't hurt and no reactions.  
Now, to avoid contacting the flu in the next two weeks!!

Anyways, after eating pizza it was time for presents again.

Because all 4 of them got the same thing,
Papa gave opening instructions....

They were very excited about their gifts.

Individual DVD players and head phones.

Our evening was remarkably quiet because everyone was watching a movie of their own choosing.

Here is hoping that these will make traveling much easier and stop the fighting over what movie we are going to watch when.....

We spent Saturday visiting and enjoying being with Papa and Naynay and having another celebration.
Lillie's birthday was on Sunday (the next day) so while they were here, we had a family party. 
More on that tomorrow.

It was a wonderful visit with Papa and NayNay.
They had to leave all too soon!

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Kat said...

Oh fear not Mindy, they will fight over who gets to charge their player! hehehehe!