Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Weekend of Celebrating Lillie

On Sunday, Lillie turned 9.

We started celebrated on Friday at school when I brought cupcakes to her classroom.
Then, on Saturday, we had a 'family' party.

We had cookie cake and ice cream.

Papa and NayNay were here and Grandpap and Nana were here, too.
{My pic of the grandmother's didn't turn out. It was blurry}

Then she opened presents.
She got some money to spend and this adorable shirt with a removable vest.

And this journal that has a keypad to open.

Papa and NayNay with the grandkids....

Then, on Sunday afternoon, Lillie's BFF and her sister came over to celebrate with Lillie.
Lillie chose to eat at Steak and Shake for her birthday supper so we took all the kids and headed out.
Once we were home, we did another cookie cake and ice cream.

Silly faces.....

They brought her a sweet gift.  She got an i-tunes card that she cannot wait to use and a blanket with her name on it. It is too cute!!

So, thankful to everyone for making our weekend long celebration of Lillie's 9th birthday so wonderful!!

Dear Lillie,
Daddy and I are so proud of the girl that you are.
God is growing you in a lot of ways and I love watching you grow.
In the next year, we hope that you will continue growing closer to God.
We also hope that you know how much we love you.
You have a lot of passion. You fight hard, love hard, and play hard.
Give that passion to HIM and HE will do great things through you!
These are my prayers for you my sweet girl.

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