Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Polar Express Pajama Party

My goodness.  
This time of year is just a whirlwind.
I have had good intentions to blog every night this week. But it hasn't happened.
By the time I got to sit down each night, I was exhausted.
And it doesn't look to slow down much until after Christmas.
And maybe not then.....
Tonight, I will start trying to catch up......

A week ago Friday (On December 13) we had a Polar Express Pajama Party.....
A fantastic team of people put this event together and they did a phenomenal job.

As you entered the building, you found a rope leading the way to the train......

And then the train track that led to the train that was facing you.....

The doors to the entrance were decorated as a train. AWESOMENESS!

Once the kids {passengers} were signed in at the front and came through the train door, there was a railroad crossing.
 Isn't it the coolest?

Our conductor was ready as the children were handed their tickets 
{and while they were getting their name tags},
to punch the passengers tickets.....

We then served a pizza supper and the kids wrote letters to Santa.
After that, my hubby shared a devotion with them.

The the man in red showed up and we did pictures, of course.

After everyone had a chance to see Santa and get their picture made, it was time for the movie.
We also had other activities set up so that the kids could do those if they tired of watching the movie.

We also had our chef who served a popcorn buffet and hot chocolate.

Here they are waiting on the movie to start.....

The best Santa ever!!!!

We had several of our youth there to help out. 
They were awesome!!!

We also had some amazing adults who served at this event and poured love into the lives of the 50 children who attended our event.

After it was all over, my girls each had a friend sleep over.
They were so tired after the Polar Express that they watched part of a movie and fell asleep. 
But had a great time the next morning hanging out and playing together.

It was a great event for our MPKids and for our community.
Thank you to all who worked so hard to make it happen!
You guys are the best!!

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