Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thankful Thanksgiving

We had a great Thanksgiving in Georgia with my family.
I loved being with my family and am so very thankful for them all.
Here are some snapshots of my thanksgiving.
I'm so very thankful for all of these people and the time I got to spend with them.....

I loved watching Allie with her baby cousins.  
She was so great with them and very helpful.

We spent Thanksgiving afternoon at my Mom's parents house.
I'm thankful that they are both still living and my children are getting to spend time with them.
I'm thankful that my aunts, uncles and cousins think that family is important and we still get to be together at least once a year.
I'm thankful for the memories and close relationships I have with my family.

My cousin, Natalie, and my sister, Ginger.
Thankful for laughter!!

My Mom and step dad, brother, sister's family and my family.

Cousins.....we were missing 4......thankful for the memories with these people.  

As I said before, I'm so very thankful that my kids are getting to spend time with my grandparents.
I'm also thankful that they are spending time with their cousins -- my cousins' kids.
These are the great grandchildren who were there on Thanksgiving. We were missing 5 great grand kids and two great great grand kids.

My sweet grandfather.
He has dementia these days. He doesn't remember any of the grandchildren anymore.
But he does still know his own kids.
I'm thankful for the time with him because I know it's short.

My grandmother and my cousin Ericka.

My grandmother, My Mom and me.
So very thankful for my grandmother and how she continues to take care of my grandfather.
Even when it's difficult and she isn't feeling that well herself.
I'm also thankful for my Mom and all she does to take care of her parents and her mother in law.  

My cousin, Natalie and her husband Brian.
She is like another sibling to me.
She lived about a mile from me growing up and we spent a whole lot of time together over the years.
I miss that time these days.

We spent the evening of Thanksgiving with my dad, his girlfriend and her family.
They were playing with these little pellets that you put in water and they grow.  

Mason really loved them.  Lillie did, too.

I'm thankful for the special friendship that these girls have.
It's been wonderful watching them grow up together.
They've suddenly become young ladies instead of little girls.....

PaPa (my dad), and NaNa(his girlfriend) with my sister's boys and my kiddo's.
Thankful for who they are to these kiddo's.

PaPa and my silly boy.

On Friday, I went shopping with my sister, Mom and two of my girls.
I'm thankful for that time with them.

On Saturday, before heading home.
We did a quick photo shoot with the kids.
I'm thankful that I was able to get some good shots  -- with 6 kids -- that is not always the case.

On the way home, we stopped for supper with my BFF and Brady's bff - Olivia.
So thankful for that short time together. Great way to end our Thanksgiving trip.

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