Sunday, December 29, 2013

My Instagram Life 12.29.13

It's Insta Friday on Sunday afternoon this week folks.
Just because I want to remember the little moments I've taken snapshots of this week.
This will be short and sweet as we are still enjoying our Christmas vacation, but I will be back soon to share all the Christmas fun!!

I usually link up at Life Rearranged  when I do these InstaFriday posts, but she's taking a break this week -- so really this is just my phone photo dump. =)

These two have started sending me selfies lately.  
I really do love this picture. I know that before long sending Mom selfies will be the last thing they want to do.  Gosh, I'm praying for the upcoming teenage years for them.
That they will allow me to guide them through and that they will listen to God through it all.......

On Monday - 12.23.13 -- our friends Jenny and Tripp came to see us. 
They are the best. We all love them dearly.  They played with my kids for a couple of hours and I was able to get some last minute Christmas stuff done, and then we went out to supper for my birthday which was the next day.
I was so glad that they got to go with us.
Ken had us stand by the lamppost to take our picture.
We felt very Narnia"ish" this is us saying "FOR NARNIA!!"

I spent Christmas Eve running one last Christmas errand and then attending two of our three Christmas Eve Services.
I love the candlelight and communion we have at our Christmas Eve services.
And Ken delivered a wonderful message!!
I've heard some say they don't know why we have a "sermon" on Christmas Eve.
It's because people need the Lord.  
And there are many people who only attend church on Christmas Eve.
The story of the Light overcoming Darkness needs to be shared on this night possibly more than any other......

Christmas Day.
3 out of 4 of our kids got a new Lego set for Christmas.
It was a lego explosion!! 

On Thursday, 12.26.13, we drove up to my Father In Law's home.
We shared a wonderful lunch with he, his wife and hubby's 97 year old grandmother.
We exchanged gifts and spent quality time together.
This was the sunset on the farm that night.......

This was the awesome gift I got from them.
I LOVE it.
It is a plate I saw in Swoozie's a few months ago.
That Christmas tree Velcros on and there are other holiday icons to get and use throughout the year.
Happy Everything!!

On Friday, (12.27.13) I got to go get my hair done!  
That is one of my favorite things to do.......
It is so relaxing to me!!

Also, on Friday, my Mom and step-dad came to town to celebrate Christmas with us.
I made Bourbon Balls for my step-dad. He loves them.

My brother bought Brady a BB gun for Christmas.
On Saturday morning, (12.28.13),  he went outside with his Daddy and Granddaddy to shoot it.  
I cannot look at him shooting with out hearing 
"You'll shoot your eye out.....You'll shoot your eye out....."
I am a product of the 80's.....

Yesterday afternoon, we all went to the movies.
Afterward, we went to one of our favorite local Italian Restaurants for supper and then on to the Sweet Frog to have frozen yogurt.
It was an early treat for Lillie's upcoming birthday as Grammy and Granddaddy won't be here for that.
They wanted to do something special.
It was our first visit to Sweet Frog.
I had no idea it was a Christian company.
We all loved it.

Grammy and Granddaddy left this morning and we went to church.
We are just hanging out this afternoon for a while.
This week we will be visiting some friends and having some quiet family times as we ring in the New Year and resuming school on Thursday.

Hope you are all enjoying this Christmastime Sunday.
I will be back to share all of our Christmas fun soon!!

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