Monday, December 9, 2013

Miscellany Monday

It was another whirlwind weekend in these parts.
On Friday evening I worked at our youth center. It is  great place.  The people in our church wanted to offer a free , safe place for teens to hang out on Friday nights.
The kids enjoy coming and hanging out, playing pool, air hockey, basketball, or football. OR just sitting and talking.  
Before I headed over, I ran to Target to run some errands.
I stopped in the shoe department for a few minutes and found these Ugg like boots that I really want.

I never fancied myself an Ugg kind of girl.....but my feet freeze and these look so warm,  I am thinking I may have to get them.  
Too bad they didn't have my size......

 On Saturday morning, we had play practice first thing. From 9- Noon.
Gosh, that play director is a slave driver!! {oh, yeah, That's me. Ha}
After play practice, we jumped in the van and went Christmas Tree shopping because we had to get our tree that day if we were going to get one at all.
I am not joking when I say that we have something every other night for the foreseeable future......

We picked a beautiful tree, and  grabbed supper on the way back home. 
Once baths were finished, we started decorating our tree.  

Sunday was a marathon.
We all had church.
Then I had youth.
Then it was back at 4 to get ready for our children's Christmas Program.

We did a run through and I thought for sure this program was going to be a total flop.
BUT, these kids.
They worked so very hard to so long and they did a fantastic job!
The play was called A King is Coming to Town.
I'm so very proud of all of these kids.

One of our main characters had a stomach bug and was unable to be in the program.
SO, so very proud of my Allie for jumping in, learning all of his lines in one day and being Sheriff Badge.
She did an awesome job.

Maggie was Barbara Booster and  it was a perfect role for her.
She was  so very good. 

Miss Lillie's character's name was Jordan and  was one of the kids in the story who told the actual Christmas story.  
She did a fantastic job!

And my sweet boy was a fantastic wise man.
Too cute!

Thankful to my friend, Mandy, for taking this pictures for me. 
I was  too busy trying to keep us all singing with the music to take any for myself.

By the time I got home last night, I was exhausted.
But I had a very full heart.
So, so very proud of my own kids and all of the MPKids for sharing the story of Christmas.  
Jesus is the King of Kings!!!

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