Wednesday, December 4, 2013


I had big intentions to do a instaFriday post last week.
But, it ended up being a super busy day so it just didn't happen.
So, here is my photo dump of Instagram shots from our trip home.
I took a lot of phone pics last week!

The door Brady locked. With the cat inside. Not long before we were trying to get out the door to head to Georgia.

Ice in the trees as we headed out......{and today it is going to be 65. Crazy NC weather}

This is how we roll.......

The traffic jam in the Gorge......

"midnight" snacks are only done at Grammy's.
They love it!

I love Chattanooga.

The sunset at my Mom's house.
It was frigid on the bluff that day, but oh, so pretty. 

Also, at Grammy's they always play Chicken Foot.

I started a new book.....loving it!

PaPa and Brady

Black Friday madness at Hamilton Place.....
apparently there was a shoe sale.

We needed extra coffee......

Or hot chocolate, as the case may be.....

On the way home, Allie made a collage of pictures for me.
I love it.

Time to get this Wednesday started.
Hope y'all have a great day.....

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