Saturday, December 14, 2013

InstaFriday (on Saturday Morning)

Advent excitement and fun and craziness are filling our house.
Here are a few of the instagram pics I snapped during this Advent Season week.....

This boy was a wiseman in our Children's program last Sunday night.
On Monday, he wore the crown to school.
Ironic since we forced him to wear the crown in the play. 

On Monday night, I walked into his room to find him sleeping with the Nativity Scene that Lillie made in Sunday School.  I just love this picture!!! 

It has rained so much in North Carolina this week.
Tuesday morning it was raining so hard that I drove the kids to end of the driveway to wait on the bus.

All that rain didn't keep us in though.
On Tuesday night, the fifth graders at our school presented "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas".
Maggie was a Who.  
They did a fantastic job.
I have a 25 minutes video that I cannot for the life of me get uploaded to my computer. IF anyone can give me instructions on how to do that, that would be awesome!

Wednesday morning, I did some shopping and this was in Target parking lot.
From my instagram and fb feeds, I hear that they aren't new or abnormal......
I've missed them though. I have never seen one before.

100 gold tickets to be given out at our Polar Express Pajama Party cut out by hand......

On Thursday, the third grade presented their Heritage Fair.
Lillie shared about her Italian Heritage. 
She has decided that the biggest thing she wants to see in Italy is The Leaning Tower of Pisa.

This cat.
He went missing on Tuesday afternoon.
On Thursday, he came back to Maggie's calls.
But, he came inside and slept on the couch for two hours.
I think his back is hurt.
And something definitely scared him because he hisses at every sound he hears. =(

We had our Polar Express Pajama Party last night at church.
We had about 50 kids and several youth helping out.
It was a fantastic event! 

It's been a great week. 
Full of fun.
Which just continues today and through the rest of the year.  
We are blessed.


Kelli Samson said...

Wow! Your family has been so busy! And your poor kitty cat! Hope he's doing better!!!

Van said...

Oh your white kitty looks just like my Yuko cat. Hope he's better!