Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Day 2013

This year, we stayed home on Christmas Day.
Ken and I finished everything we needed to get done at about 2AM and headed to bed. 
Only to be awoken at 6:00 by 3 kids who were ready to see what Santa brought.
Ken convinced them to go back down and watch tv until Lillie awoke.......which was a whopping 10 minutes later. lol.

So, we all made our way to the den to find what Santa had brought for everyone.....
Allie's stash......
She got a phone (gasp!), a charm bracelet with a ballet slipper charm, and Molly's polka dot dress......

Lillie's lot......
She got an I-pod, a charm bracelet with an owl charm and Olivia's house (Lego Friends)

Maggie's things.....
Marie Claire's bed, a charm bracelet with a cheerleader charm and Lego Friends cruise ship....

Brady's bunch of stuff.....
He got a remote control truck, an aircraft carrier and a Lego firestation

Maggie showing me her charm bracelet....

Lillie showing me her owl charm.

Brady showing us the belt that he got in his stocking.

The girls got American Girl shoes in their stockings.
Allie got Molly's saddle shoes....

 Though, she was most excited about the phone.  
Which came with a contract -- more on that later.

Santa always leaves a piece of fruit - this year it was an apple.
And Brady got a couple of small transformers...

After a bit, Brady and Ken tore into the boxes to check out Brady's aircraft carrier.

And a little later, Ken got to open his gifts and stocking.
The Appalachian hat and beef sticks were in the stocking.

Then everyone went off to play with their Lego's while I finished breakfast.
Nana and Grandpap came for breakfast.
We had our traditional breakfast of homemade cinnamon rolls and breakfast casserole.
And Nana brought fresh fruit salad and chocolate milk for the kids.

After a nice breakfast it was time for more gifts!!

Lillie got more Lego's.
This time - Olivia's tree house.
She also got a cute shirt from Justice.

Brady got a storage box for all those lego's!! =)

Allie got Molly's lunchbox.
**American Girl is retiring Molly this year. So, Allie wanted all of her "stuff".  She got most of it.*

Maggie got a dress for one of her American girls - Josephina.  She also got Josephina's accessories.

Allie also got this cream from Bath and Body......

and a watch from Justice that she picked out.

Besides the lego storage bin, Brady got a remote control car and a set of walkie talkies.

It was a wonderful morning with Nana and Grandpap. 
And after all the gifts and some time visiting, they went home for the afternoon.
I had begun getting a cold the day before and was feeling pretty rotten after they left.
I was running a bit of a fever and was achy so I spent the rest of Christmas Day in the bed.
I felt terrible that I wasn't spending the day with the kids, but they were having too much fun putting together Lego sets and running remote control vehicles to notice......I hope.
Christmas Day was the first of our Christmas celebrations.
I have two more to post about in the next few days and  two more to come......
one tomorrow and one in a couple of weeks when my Dad gets to visit.

Aside from being sick, it was a wonderful Christmas Day. 
I am desperately trying to soak up all the time I have while I still have children.
Allie is 12 already -- in that age range where she is stuck between being a child and being a teenager.....
Maggie and Lillie aren't far behind.
I am trying to soak them up.
Sometimes, I look back at the time when they were all small and it seems a big blur.
That hurts my heart.
I want to remember it all and appreciate it all.
There is so much to still to teach them and time to just spend with them still......
Lord, help me do it all.......

More to come on our Christmas time celebrations tomorrow.

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