Saturday, November 2, 2013

Playing Catch Up......Again

Life is traveling as fast as Superman flies it seems these days.  
I barely have time to slow down in the evenings and by then I'm exhausted and just wanna "sit" and do nothing for a while.
What's so funny is that within all that business, I often don't think I have anything blogworthy to share.
Maybe one day I will get all of my schedule figured out and be good at this blogging thing.

Anyways,  in iphone pics, here's what I've been up to for the past couple of weeks.
A week ago Friday, I got to go with Allie on a field trip.  

We had a fantastic day visiting the Biltmore House together.
It was super cold up there that morning, but they were already decorating for Christmas 
so it was even more beautiful than usual.

There are no pictures of the rest of that weekend because it was a whirlwind.
When Allie and I got back from the Biltmore, our friend Wendy was already at our house to take the kids home with her and her family for the weekend.
My kids love The Walser Family and had a great weekend.
And it was a great help for them to be there because Ken and I were super busy bee's.
We had a wedding rehearsal dinner to attend Friday evening.
It was a delicious dinner and a fun night.
On Saturday, the 26th was our churches Annual BBQ!   We both arrived early and worked until about 3PM 
when we ran home to get ready to attend the wedding that hubby was preforming.
The wedding was outdoors and one of the most beautiful events I have ever been to!
And our Sundays are always super busy.
Ken went to pick the kids up at supper time on Sunday.  

This was a picture I grabbed of the pumpkins on my porch .

On Monday morning at work, I was blessed with these gorgeous flowers from the wedding over the weekend.
They had really made my office a brighter place this week --
 especially in the midst of the mess that grew in there all week.

My sweet boy had his last soccer game of the year.
And my hubby also had his last soccer game.
of the year,  I hope!

I spent all this week getting ready for our Fall Festival on Halloween Night.
It was a super busy week so I took no more pictures until Thursday morning when Brady got ready to go to school as Batman.
He insisted I send the picture to his friend Olivia so she could see him as Batman.

Part of the mess I mentioned above that was part of getting ready for the Fall Festival!

Since I was running around all night, I didn't get pictures of all of my kids in their costumes.
SO thankful that my friend Mandy did.  
I am borrowing these from her......
Allie was Darth Vader this year.....but I'm not sure I saw her wear her mask all night.
Lillie was the American Girl Doll of the Year from 2012 - McKenna. Who was a gymnast and broke her leg, thus the crutches.
Brady was Batman.....who also didn't wear his mask to the Fall Festival.

Miss Maggie was the Green Witch from the Wizard of Oz.

Yesterday, I got to go get my hair done and then I worked some more.
I spent my evening at our Youth Center where we had a Halloween Party for the kids.
It was great fun!

And today, I got my nails done early.
Ken took Lillie to the Appalachian game.
I took the other three to lunch at Salsarita's - one of our favorite places and then to Target.
I also spent a lot of today enjoying the Fall leaves.
LOVE them.
I'm going to miss them when they are gone.

That's what we've been up to lately.
Hopefully, I will be able catch up with all of you soon!

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