Saturday, November 9, 2013

My Instagram Life. 11.8.13

I actually started this instaFriday post on Friday.
But my computer took hours to upload one video (yes, I need a new computer). 
This week I have really enjoyed the fall colors......they are now beginning to fade.
Fall colors don't last long enough, I think.

Ok. I didn't actually take this picture.
Brady was playing with my phone at my office and somehow got this picture.
It's not the most flattering picture of me, but I do like the artistry.
Maybe he will be a photographer. =)

Miss Allie got her bottom braces put on on Wednesday.
They also had to put some kind of things on the backs of her two front teeth to keep her from biting them off because she bites down so hard.

And oh my goodness the drama since then.
There is not a food in the world that is soft enough for her to be able to eat right now. =)
She and her bff go to the same orthodontist and are on the same schedule of check-ups.  So, each month they decide what color rubber bands to have put on their braces so they will match.
Last month was purple.
November, it's orange.

On Thursday, I had a doctor appointment and then had to run get a birthday gift.
I cannot believe it's this time of year already.
It is time for me to get on board and start getting ready for Christmas.

Miss Maggie had her awards ceremony for cheer leading on Thursday.
She was so excited about it, because it was the only time that they were going to be able to perform their whole routine.
She is a flyer and was on top.
This is the first year she's ever done cheer and while I was a littler nervous about her being up in the air, she did a great job!
She loves cheering.

Here is the video of their routine.
Check out my cheerleader.

Two of our girls are out of town for the weekend. Maggie is with my sister, headed to the American Girl store for her birthday  today.
Allie is with Ken's mom and step-dad having some time with Nana and Grandpap.
Ken and I are going to take the other two out to do something fun later today.

Hope you have a great weekend,too!
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