Friday, November 22, 2013

My Instagram Life 11.21.13

These are the moments that I took the time to grab a snapshot of this week.
I love doing these weekly instagram posts.  
My snapshots are saved for every more. =)

SO, this little boy got his soccer trophy on Saturday.
He was excited!

On Sunday morning, they chose to coordinate their clothes.
I used to force coordinating clothes on them. Now, I only require coordination on rare occasion, so it was nice that they wanted to do something together for once.

Sunday night was our Final Flocking with the youth.
We've had such a good time doing this the past 7 weeks.  

And yes, *I* was the one who got flocked.

These two borrowed my phone and left me with some great pictures.....=)

Life has finally settled down just a bit and I was actually able to cook 4 nights this week.
One of those meals was Crockpot Jambalaya.
It was so good!

Since life has gotten a bit more manageable (read: we have a break from soccer and cheer), the kids have more time for playing and using their imaginations.
Hubby and I were summoned to Brady's bedroom yesterday evening to "see what they had made us."
I was so impressed when I found this.
They had made a picture for us on the vintage Litebrite.  
SO sweet!

I had hoped to get this post done earlier, but I was too busy.
I worked for a bit this morning, and then got my nails done.
This color was called Fizzy Apple.
I love it.

And then, hubby worked it out to get all the kids from school so I could go see "Catching Fire" this afternoon.
I went to the movies all by myself for the first time ever.  The movie was awesome!!

Then, since the kids were at a play date, we even got to have supper out just the two of us.

It's been a great Friday!!!
It's been a great week.
So glad that things have settled down ......even if just for a bit. 

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Anne Bickle said...

I love it when my kids leave photos on my phone for me to post on my InstaFriday post. It's fair game, right?! Thanks for stopping by my bloggy blog and introducing yourself by way of a comment. Have a great week! xo

Kelli Samson said...

Such cute kids! And a movie by yourself?! One of my favorite things.