Friday, November 15, 2013

My Instagram Life 11.15.13

It's been another busy week around here.  
I did take a LOT of pictures while we were out and about this week!!
Here's what we have been up to.......

On Sunday, after church,  we took the youth to work at a local mission that sells clothing and other items.
They had a great time working and we got a lot accomplished, too.
So proud of our SWAG Youth for working so hard!!

And on Sunday night, we made out last trip out flocking for the season.
We had a fantastic time, though we got caught at almost every house.

And though we didn't get caught at this house, retaliation has been promised.
I think our Flamingo Flu has started all sorts of flu's around here.....
That is my van, all covered in tp. =)

Monday was a teacher work day.
It was also a pretty chilly morning.
It was absolutely lovely to sit in the den with my coffee and the fire going
Love mornings that begin slowly like this......

Soon enough, it was time for us to go pick up Maggie who has spent the weekend with my sister.
We had a so much fun having lunch with my sister and my nephews.
My kids love their baby cousins.

On Monday evening, we went out to do our shoebox shopping.
Every year, our kids ask to do a shoe box  for Operation Christmas Child.
We tell them of course they can, but they will need to spend their own money to fill the boxes.  
All four of them wanted to do one for themselves.
So, we made a night of it.
Pizza at one of our favorite restaurants and then on to do our shopping.
They had a great time picking out things to go in the boxes.
And, I had a great time listening to their conversations about the boxes.
We will take our boxes to church on Sunday and add them to all the other's that have been filled and they will all be consecrated and prayed over before being sent on their way.

On Tuesday afternoon, Hubby surprised this little boy with a trip to the Bass Pro Shop.
Last year, he went at christmas time and saw the fish and all that the place had going for Christmas and he as asked about going back for a whole year.
He was super excited.
Though, he really didn't want me taking this picture....

While they were off doing that, I went to my favorite grocery store.
The Fresh Market.
I love going grocery shopping here.
Not only for the awesome Buy One,  Get One deals on Tuesdays,
 but it's just so pretty!!!

After I had my groceries, I headed to the school to pick up my girls.
They were all so excited when they got in the car.
It was report card day.
All three of them got straight A's!!
and Allie and Maggie had gotten their EOG scores back from last year and they did fantastic.
A '3' in Math and  a '3' Reading for Maggie.
A '3' in Math, a '3' in Science and a '4' in Reading for Allie.
All of those wonderful scores deserved a celebration.
So, we were off to Salsarita's (one of their favorite places) for supper!!

Yesterday afternoon, this sweet boy asked me to come outside, so he could show me how he could swing.
I'm so proud that he can swing by himself now. 
He's so grown up. {sniff, sniff}

When I'm out with just him, I learn all kinds of things.
Yesterday, he told me that when he grows up, he's going to be a veterinarian.
And a dad.  Of 3 kids -- 2 boys and a girl.
When he told me that, I reminded him that he would need to get married to have kids.  
He then asked where he could find a girl to marry. 
"What kind of girl should I marry?", he asked.
"One who loves Jesus.", I said.
We then went on to talk about a lot of other things but some how circled back around to the marrying thing.
I asked, "And, what kind of girl are you going to marry? " Hoping to hear him repeat my statement about a girl who loves Jesus.
He said, "A pretty one.".

After school today, I had a parent teacher conference.
We ran into some friends in the parking lot.
The Mom's talked a bit and the kids were playing.
As we were leaving, I got this picture of these silly girls.
Oh, but wait.
We were photo bombed.
By the assistant you see him in the window? =)

That is what we've been up to this week.
Tomorrow and Sunday will be more busy days......
I can't wait to read all about what you've been doing.

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Alyson McMahon said...

Mindy, your kids are the cutest! And, straight A's?! For all?! That's awesome. They must have a great mama. Enjoy your weekend.