Friday, October 11, 2013

My Instagram Life 10.12.13

It's been a busy week.
But then, that seems to be becoming the normal every week.  

Maggie got some money for her birthday  back in August.  
She told us she wanted to buy a bow and arrow with it.
 No one really understood.....
Maggie is my girly girl. 
She's my cheer leading, glitter and sparkles wearing, girly girl.
We thought she was joking about the bow.
She has been begging for this.
We finally said yes.

She was so excited.

On Sunday, our youth ministry began the fun part of our fundraiser.
Flocking people's yards.
This was our practice run.....

Monday was a teacher work day.
That meant sleeping in and a late big breakfast.
It was wonderful!

Tuesday was seriously the perfect early fall day.
I wore my new boots that I *love*.
And we had yummy taco soup for supper.
I love Fall.
And I love fall days......

My kids woke up on yesterday morning to chocolate chip pumpkin muffins.
They were so excited.
Which made the late night baking completely moment!

My sweet boy and I had a date yesterday.
He told me a while back that he loves hot wings and asked if I could take him to a restaurant to get some.
He explained that our babysitter gave him some to eat one night.
SO, we went to Buffalo Wild Wings.
The waitress was very smart and suggested we get the hot sauce on the side.
He said he loved the hot sauce, but asked for a side of ranch.  
I love these dates with my kids because it's when they do some real talking to me.
Brady informed me that when he grows up, he wants to be a cowboy.
He will have 5 horses: Bullseye, Jack, Katie, Boo & Emily.  

Tonight, we are celebrating Allie's birthday a week early.
Hubs will be out of town next weekend so we wanted to do something tonight.
She invited her friend over for a sleepover.  
We're having a great evening.

OH, and as I was going through my phone to get my instaphoto's, I found these.
This is what happens when they get a hold of my phone. =)

That's what we've been up to?  
And you?

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