Monday, September 23, 2013

Too Tired, Christians Mocking Christians, & Rejoicing!

Last weekend, I began to feel a tickle in my throat whilst bowling with the youth Sunday afternoon.   I thought, "It figures. 3 of 4 kids have had colds since school started back so now, I'm getting it.".  And I did get it.  The thing I don't understand is how all 3 of them had minor colds and mine becomes fevers, chills, body aches and coughing fits.  It's now over a week later and I'm still feeling tired and coughing from it all. 

I had big plans to start a 'series' of posts today entitled "A Day in the Life"......I've actually been meaning to do these types of posts every season for years and just haven't done it.  I want to do each day of the week and record all the craziness in our schedules so that in the years to come I can look back and see.  What will I see?  Maybe I will see that life is every bit as chaotic and crazy as I thought it was......OR maybe, I'll find that it was really easy and be wishing for these days and ways again.  Maybe.  

 I even took pictures to share my day with everyone........But ya'll. I'm just too tired.

After being sick for a week and the craziness that has been this Monday, I'm too tired to do it.  To tell you a how long and crazy my day has been, know this:  My family just finished supper at 8PM.  That's way late when that is passed one kids bedtime and coming right up on everyone else's.  

So, for today, I just want to share a couple of links with you.  

The first is to an article entitled, "When Christians Mock Christians."  Courtney says:

"To be honest, I am frustrated that there is even such a THING as SIDES within the church.  We are ONE – one body – one in Christ – one bride!"  

I totally agree with her.  Why does there have to be sides to this? I think this is one of Satan's biggest tricks to keep us from building God's kingdom.  It's sad. Very sad.

The second link is to an article called "That We Might Rejoice". Ruth from Grace Laced, shares that we should be able to rejoice no matter what season we are in simply because who we are in our creator.  
What a struggle rejoicing can be for me. I tend to be a pessimist realist.  I call things like I see them and that's a lot of negativity at times.  So, yeah. ouch.
Then she talks about teaching that to our children.   She says:

" But telling them so doesn’t make them trust it, love it, or own it. It must be enough for me, for them to see it as truth to behold, truth to believe, truth to become enraptured by."

Double and Triple ouch.  Rejoicing in HIM alone no matter the season should be enough for me no matter what.  It should be enough for all of us.

I hope that someone reads these links and gets as much as out them as I did today.  
It's 9PM and I think I'm off for an early bedtime.  
I haven't run in a week and I'd like to get back to it tomorrow if I can do it without hacking up a lung.  We shall see.

Have a great Monday Night everyone.

Too tired but Rejoicing In HIM-

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