Wednesday, August 14, 2013


It was a day.  It was a long day.  It was going to to be an incredibly busy day.
I had big plans and everything scheduled to the minute almost. 
I was going to fit a run in my day after all of the meetings.
I was planning my day and my life out -- which is what this very schedule oriented girl likes.....
It started out early (for summer) with me leaving at 8AM to take two kiddo's to meet Nana LeeAnne to stay with her and Granddaddy for a few days.  Nana LeeAnne is teaching all of the girls to sew.  
Allie and Maggie have already had their time there and have each made their own outfits.
Now, is Lillie's turn.
And Brady always tags along because he hangs out with Granddaddy while the girls sew.

After I got them dropped off, I hurried back to church for a staff meeting at 10 AM.  As I hurried back, I prayed for Ken's step dad, who was having by pass surgery at that very moment.

We got through with our staff meeting, which was the first of 4 meetings I was to have yesterday, and I went to my office to get some work done before meeting number two.

Things were moving along quite well and we were in the middle of meeting number two discussing a fantastic FUNdraiser that is coming up for our youth and a great children's event that we are planning when I got a phone call.

It was Nana LeeAnne.
She was calling to tell us that they had called an ambulance for Mom Bea (Ken's 97 year old great grandmother) because she was having stroke symptoms.

That changed all of the things I needed to do yesterday.
Ken and I cancelled the rest of our meetings for the day and ran home.
As soon as we could, hubs and I got home grabbed Maggie and Allie and drove to Greensboro to be with the family.
With Mom Bea being 97, we wanted to see her and be with her as she was in the hospital.
Plus, they had our other two kids at the hospital with them and since we had no idea what was to happen we drove on up.

I was overwhelmed with all that was stressing me out.
One family member having bypass surgery -- another who might have had a stroke
and all kinds of work things to rearrange and figure out how to get done......
I sent a text out to my prayer warrior friends to be praying for all of us.

We were happy to get word during all of the shuffling things that Ken's step dad was out of surgery and while he had 3 bypasses, he was doing well.  

We made it to the hospital and after a bit found that Mom Bea did not have a stroke or a heart attack.
Later on, after hours of waiting  -- there were people brought in from a car crash and they had to be taken care of immediately -- we were informed that Mom Bea had a bad UTI, but she could go home and take her antibiotics from there.

Yesterday was a day.
Yesterday didn't go as I had planned.
Yesterday, I was stressed out.
But, when I let go of the fact that I had to let go of MY schedule,
yesterday ended with good news that everyone was doing well.

Thank you, Lord for good news.
And Thanks for my prayer warrior friends for all the prayers!!

Time for me to run.
Since I missed yesterdays run, I'm headed down to run now and then I will shower, get ready and head for work.
It will be another marathon day.
Hope you all have a fantastic Wednesday!!

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LeeAnne said...

Mindy, you are truly one of God's Warriors. Just having you at the Hospital was a Godsend. You remained calm (as did Ken) which in turn kept the rest of us calm. Somehow through all of that yesterday, I lost Randy's keys. Have absolutely no clue where I placed them. Bea and Kiddos still sleeping and I plan on letting them wake up naturally. Randy and I REALLY appreciated you and Ken dropping everything to come and be with us. And, like I told you and Ken last night, I could not be any prouder of Lillie and Brady, Lillie was so "mature" for her age in the things she did to help us. She never questioned "why" she needed to do something, she just did. And Brady followed her lead. I have said many times that your children are a reflection of GREAT parenting from you and Ken. LOVE YOU GUYS this much, this much and a little bit more!!!