Thursday, August 29, 2013

Medieval Times

While we were at the beach last week,
we made a visit to this place.
It was our first trip......

We were sitting in the Green Knights section.....
(oh my, how I hate pictures of myself.)

and we were all excited as we waited for the "show" to start.

At the beginning there was a beautiful white horse to do 'horse tricks' for us.

And then the knights were presented.
The Green Knight

They then began to serve the food.
First up:
Blood of Dragon.....

Then, the king and the princess were introduced......

There was a show of falconry.
Which really was a bit unnerving.
I mean, when they preface letting this big bird go to fly around by saying,
"Be still. And keep your hands down. DO not try to catch the falcon."

Next up to eat was dragon's legs....

Then the dueling began.
I didn't get any pics of that.....not too sure.
The Green Knight threw Maggie a flower.

Allie enjoying her drink.

And dessert was some other dragon part.....but it was good, apple-y, and flaky.

And afterwards, we got a picture with the Green Knight.  He got slain in the duels, but we loved him anyways.
Brady refused to get near him, he didn't share the love.

It was a very fun event.
The kids had a great time 
and all the dragon food was much better than I expected it to be.
So, glad we went! 

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