Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I Wanna Go Back!!!

School started two days ago.  
It has been a whirlwind of a week already getting back into the swing of school. 
and it's only Wednesday. 
We've also had dance, cheer, soccer and church activities begin again this week.
I'm tired already.
and it's only Wednesday.

Which makes me want to go back to this....

Last week was our family vacation.
We went to Myrtle Beach for the week.

It's been  a few years since we have been to the beach.
The kids all loved it!

But they also loved this......

and this.  Allie did a great job doing handstands in the pool.
I didn't even know she could do that....

We had some good food and a good time with friends who were there.
One of my favorite things was walking on the beach as the moon rose.
I wish you could have seen that moon in person.
It was incredible.

LOVE them.

Seriously, I found myself looking at this and telling God how awesome he is.

The kids were taking pics of me and the hubs.
(Can i just say how much I hate pics of myself these days!?!)

This was my favorite beach house.
It was right on the beach....
I told hubby we should just buy it......cough, cough!!

This is our friends that were there this week.
We love Mr. Don and Ms. Tina.  
We had such a great week with them.


I wanna go back!!

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