Monday, August 5, 2013

10 Weeks

In 2006, I was a stay at home mom to three sweet little girls- ages 5, 3,  and 1 1/2.  I started a blog on wordpress on a whim.   I loved chronicling our lives and hope to be really make these writings into scrapbooks at some point.  {Though, I can't find my wordpress blog anymore for some reason....any ideas out there?!?!}
In May of 2007, I made the move to blogger and have been posting regularly for the past 5 years.  Until 10 weeks ago.
I could see it coming.  My posts had gotten fewer and farther between. My last post was May 24th and it had been two weeks before that since I had blogged...... Since 2007, we've added a little boy to our family and moved twice, the last time just over a year ago now. With 4 kids who now have lots of activity of their own, and with me taking a part time job, time to sit and reflect and write about our lives has been hard to come by the past 10 weeks.

But, I've missed it.  I want to have our pictures and stories written down even if no one reads it but me.  Blogging for me is like journaling and scrapbooking (minus the different papers) all at the same time for me.
I think, though, that my husband actually kind of missed my blog.  He's mentioned the fact that I "haven't blogged in a long time" to me several times in the past 10 weeks.  Thanks, honey. That makes me feel likes it. And I do know that my Mom likes to see the pics I put up of the kids.  I am going to work toward blogging more regularly again........I hope.

So, what have we been up to for the past 10 weeks?!?


The kids have had an extra long summer this year. School was out on May 23rd and they don't return to school until August 26th.  Back in May, I worried that they would be so bored and there would be much fighting and fussing.  And while there has been much fighting and fussing (just keeping it real), summer has flown by.
I plan to do full posts of most of these events in the days and weeks to come (on those days when we've done nothing much to write about) but for now, here's a list of what we've been up to for the last 10 weeks!!

*On June 1, I started a new part time job.  I am now the Coordinator of Youth and Children at our church.  It's been a big adjustment. Figuring out what to do with the kids since it's summer and they don't have school so I can work.  We are making it work and I am enjoying my job.  Ministry is hard but I believe it's where I belong.

*My friend, Valerie, had her sweet baby Penny.  I drove up to visit because I couldn't stand to wait.

*Our friend's (Tripp and Jenny) wedding finally arrived and there was much to do in preparation.  I had the joy of helping host her bridal luncheon the day before.  I also had the joy (and some anxiety over) doing her hair and makeup for the big day.  Hubs performed the service, my girls handed out her wedding programs and Brady was the ring bearer.  We were all very blessed  to be a part of such an incredible day.

*We spent several days in the mountains at Annual Conference.  This is a gathering/ meeting of all the clergy and some nominated lay folks from each church each year.  We love it because we get to visit with lots of clergy friends that we don't get to see that often.

*We had  a week long VBS at church.

* We make a quick trip to Georgia to visit family over the very wet 4th of July holiday.

*Hubs was the camp pastor at the camp he grew up going to and working at.  Allie was a camper in a group and the rest of us went a long and got to do lots of great camp stuff!!

*We've been taking swimming lessons on a weekly basis for the past month and plan to continue for the rest of this month.

*Ken's grandmother celebrated her 97th birthday. We drove over to celebrate with her.

*Maggie turned 10 last week.  You know what that means for our family?  It was time for a BIG party!  Which we had this past Friday night.  It was such fun!

* We attended a Hickory Crawdad's game over the weekend.  It was Christian Music Night, and Big Daddy Weave was there. It was great fun!

*In- between all these events there was much work (one of my girls said she would be glad when school started back so she didn't have to spend so much time at church.),  some fun play dates at great pools,  and visits with family, all while trying to keep a handle on the laundry and house cleaning.....I'm not going to lie, that hasn't been easy and I haven't been especially successful at it.

Life won't won't be slowing down for us in the next 4 weeks before summer starts either. There is much work to be done at church, the kids are to visit grand parents and friends in the next two weeks, we will be going to visit my inlaws to celebrate my father in laws 70th birthday, and a vacation are coming up.  Then school starts back, Brady turns 5 and has a big star wars party coming up.  And my nephews turned 1 and we will soon be going down to celebrate with them.

OooooohhhhH, time to go break up another fight and then get some work done and go get groceries.
Ahhhh, such is the life of the Curtises in the summertime.

Be back to share lots of pictures from our eventful summer and more of life very soon.

in HIM-


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Lauryn said...

I have missed your blogs as well. I know it sure has a busy summer for all of us.
Much love,