Saturday, August 31, 2013

My Instagram Life 8.31.13

I was so busy yesterday that I didn't have time to post my Instagram pics.
 But, I have so many that I just can't wait to share!!
SO, how about InstaFriday on Saturday night?

Also, since we were at the beach, it's been two weeks since I've posted so there are a lot of pictures here.

Right before we left for the beach, we celebrate my Father-in-Law's birthday.
Here are 4 generations of the Curtis Family.
Mom Bea, Randy (My FIL), Ken and his sister, Tamera, and my children.

Now for the bunches of pics I got at the beach.

My toes in the sand the first day we hit the beach.....

An incredible moon rising over the ocean.
I wish you could tell how pink it was that night.....

The lifeguard chair.....

My loves on an evening stroll....

My little people.....big ocean.  Gorgeous moon.

Building sandcastles....

The Ferris Wheel.
None of us rode it.  
But I do love this picture!!

High rise condos through the sea oats at dusk.


I have a thing for moon rises....
and the ocean at night.
and sea oats....

our path to the beach.....
so pretty and peaceful....

The night before we left we took one last walk on the beach....

and a walk down Ocean Blvd, Myrtle Beach....

Last picture on the beach until another time.

We drove home from the beach last Saturday.  
Did our normal church stuff on Sunday,
and Monday was the first day of school for these three.

Lillie is in third grade this year, Maggie is in fifth and Allie is in sixth.
I'm happy to report their first week was great!

Brady doesn't start school until next week.
So, he went to the office with his Daddy and I a lot this week.
Tuesday morning during staff meeting we were letting him play in my office.
I walked in to find him here.....we wondered why he was so quiet.

My sweet boy turned 5 last Monday.  
But, we had his party today.
SO, I spent yesterday getting ready......

For his Star Wars Party.....
We had a Jedi Training Facility.
Here are the Young Padawans learning proper Light Saber (or Saver as Brady says) technique.

It was a super fun party
and I am exhausted!!
I will be back later this week to tell you all about the party though, so stay tuned!!

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Medieval Times

While we were at the beach last week,
we made a visit to this place.
It was our first trip......

We were sitting in the Green Knights section.....
(oh my, how I hate pictures of myself.)

and we were all excited as we waited for the "show" to start.

At the beginning there was a beautiful white horse to do 'horse tricks' for us.

And then the knights were presented.
The Green Knight

They then began to serve the food.
First up:
Blood of Dragon.....

Then, the king and the princess were introduced......

There was a show of falconry.
Which really was a bit unnerving.
I mean, when they preface letting this big bird go to fly around by saying,
"Be still. And keep your hands down. DO not try to catch the falcon."

Next up to eat was dragon's legs....

Then the dueling began.
I didn't get any pics of that.....not too sure.
The Green Knight threw Maggie a flower.

Allie enjoying her drink.

And dessert was some other dragon part.....but it was good, apple-y, and flaky.

And afterwards, we got a picture with the Green Knight.  He got slain in the duels, but we loved him anyways.
Brady refused to get near him, he didn't share the love.

It was a very fun event.
The kids had a great time 
and all the dragon food was much better than I expected it to be.
So, glad we went! 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I Wanna Go Back!!!

School started two days ago.  
It has been a whirlwind of a week already getting back into the swing of school. 
and it's only Wednesday. 
We've also had dance, cheer, soccer and church activities begin again this week.
I'm tired already.
and it's only Wednesday.

Which makes me want to go back to this....

Last week was our family vacation.
We went to Myrtle Beach for the week.

It's been  a few years since we have been to the beach.
The kids all loved it!

But they also loved this......

and this.  Allie did a great job doing handstands in the pool.
I didn't even know she could do that....

We had some good food and a good time with friends who were there.
One of my favorite things was walking on the beach as the moon rose.
I wish you could have seen that moon in person.
It was incredible.

LOVE them.

Seriously, I found myself looking at this and telling God how awesome he is.

The kids were taking pics of me and the hubs.
(Can i just say how much I hate pics of myself these days!?!)

This was my favorite beach house.
It was right on the beach....
I told hubby we should just buy it......cough, cough!!

This is our friends that were there this week.
We love Mr. Don and Ms. Tina.  
We had such a great week with them.


I wanna go back!!

Friday, August 16, 2013

My Instagram Life 8.16.13

So, last Friday I told you that Ken and I were off to have a date night and that is what we did.
After dropping the kids off at our friends home to stay for the weekend, I met Ken at South Park Mall in Charlotte.
It is a great mall with all the best stores.....
and some awesome restaurants.
Including this one.
It's been 15+ years since I had been to this delicious restaurant and it did not disappoint.

On Saturday, I found this in my office.
It is 14 boxes full of stuff for a great fundraiser we will do with our youth this fall.
It is going to be great fun ---- now, if I can just find a place to store all these things.

On Sunday, I went to see Les Miserables with some of my favorite people.  I didn't get a phone picture of it but here is a shot that I got with my 'real' camera.  It was a fantastic performance. SO, so good.  
Spending time with these friends, priceless.
I loved every single minute of it.

 We drove to Charlotte on Monday afternoon to visit Grandpap who was having open heart surgery the next day.    We wanted to kids to get to visit while he was still feeling well.
Charlotte traffic is a bear....

On Monday evening, the kids and I had the privilege of being invited to Camp Meeting to have supper and visit with some friends.  We all had a great time. Thanks so much for inviting us!!

On Tuesday, life was crazy.  In the midst of all the chaos, this quote showed up on my phone screen
I honestly have no idea where it came from.  
Quite possibly divine intervention for me when I was overwhelmed and in tears.  =)

Wednesday was a busy day but Allie, Maggie and I got to go out to supper and on the way home we got to see this beautiful  sunset!!

Yesterday, we had an M&M event at our house.
What's M&M, you ask?
It's Munchies with the Ministers.
We invited several families who are new to our church to come and get to know Ken and our family, and our associate, Linda a little better.  
We also hoped to help them make connections with one another while they were there.
I think we succeeded on both counts.  

 This morning I went to have some me time and get my nails and toes done.
I broke a nail this past week so I didn't think my usual french manicure would look very good on super short nails. So, I went for gray nail polish.  (It has some sparkle in it, too)
Hubs didn't like my choice of
(sorry for the blurry picture.  I took this in the car......)

He did like my toes, though.  I usually don't add flowers but for this week, they were a must. 
My toes are all ready to head to the beach this week! =)

Lastly, I wanted to show you guys what I'm wearing today.
It is August and I'm wearing a sweatshirt.  
The high today was 67 degrees.
I'm not complaining -- I love the fallishness of this weather.
However, it is definitely rare in NC to be wearing a sweatshirt in August.

That is what we've been up to this week.
Have a great weekend!!

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