Friday, May 3, 2013

My Instagram Life 5.3.13

It's been a while since I've been able to participate in InstaFriday 
Life Rearranged.

life rearranged

I love getting to see every one's snap shots from their week 
So, I'm happy to be hopping back on the band wagon!

Here are some shots I've take over the last few weeks.....

Allie had a field trip a couple of weeks ago at the mall.
It was Math Day at the mall.
So, we spent the morning doing walking around the mall doing math.
You know: comparing prices at different stores, measuring steps, estimating distances, counting benches, estimating numbers of Polo shirts on a wall and figuring out tax on things.
But, after lunch, I checked her out and we had to go to her favorite store.
And I kid you not.
Half of the Fifth grade girls were in the store. 

I tried to get her to buy this shirt, but she wouldn't.
I mean, really.
I can't imaging they sell many of these..... 

My sweet boy in the on deck circle.
I seriously swoon.
I'm a sucker for baseball players.
He's my favorite 
{But I'm pretty partial to watching hubs play church softball, too!!}

One day, a few weeks ago, when it was actually warm in the south, I got this picture of the dandelions.
I love it.

This is me channeling my inner teen -ager.....
trying out the dog eared look.
I'm not sure I can pull it off......

This is my friend, Jenny whose getting married in about a month.
We had the best time taking her to the mall to get a makeover.
She rarely wears makeup and wanted a natural look.
I think she got it and she looked beautiful!!!

After choir practice this past Wednesday,  we went outside
and the kids had a blast picking azalea's to put behind their ears....
This is Lillie and her BFF, Elli.

and they were having a grand time picking up dogwood petals and making it rain down on themselves.

Today, this sweet girl won character award for
"Sharpening the Saw".  
I've been super confused with these character traits this year. 
Allie won for being Proactive which I get....
but Lillie won for "Starting with the End in Mind".....not exactly sure on that one but I think it has to do with focus.
Maggie's award for "Sharpening the Saw" had to be explained....
It has to do with taking care of mind, body and soul.  
That's my girl!

When leaving school today, Brady had to stop to throw up the dogwood petals one more time....

And I went and got my hair done.
I love going to the salon.
It's "me" time.
And it's lovely.
Even when my hair isn't much different in the before and after pics. ;)

That's it for today.
Time to get off the computer and back to our busy life.
I have half an hour to find Brady's baseball cap before we head out to get the girls from school.
Then we as a family, will be headed to get two birthday presents and grab supper before being at the ball field for baseball pics and a ballgame afterwards.

Hope you all have a fantastic Friday!!


Denise said...

that dandelion pic is fantastic.

i'm desperate for a trip to the salon. your hair looks cute.

Cassi Brightforest said...

I agree that dandelion picture is amazing.
My girl wouldn't buy the shirt either :)