Friday, May 24, 2013

My Instagram Life~ 5.24.13

It's been two weeks since I've blogged.
Two weeks.

It's been a combination of things really.
Life has been busy.  
And, I haven't had much to say.
On days when I wanted to say something, I was too tired from all the busy-ness to do so.

I'm hoping that I can do better.
I really am.
I blog to journal my families' days since my scrapbook days are long gone.
But, with summer starting and all that entails and some new things starting for me, 
I am not making promises.
But, I am hoping.
And I know that our parents will be happy to see more pics of their grandchildren.  
They are the only ones who really care if I blog.

This morning I have a few minutes before starting my busy day and thought I would share the highlights of our last two weeks through Instagram Pics....

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life rearranged

On the day before Mother's Day, the kids and I drove to Franklin, NC to attend a shower that I helped throw for our sweet friends Jenny and Tripp.
They are getting married in about 3 weeks now.  
We can't wait! And we are so blessed to be a part of their special day!

Me, Jenny and Kandi.
I love these girls!

My bestie brought me a present to the shower. =)
Fun, new running stuff.  
These two shirts are totally me 
and I can't wait to get my car washed so I can proudly display my 5k sticker on my car.

After church on Mother's Day, my family went hiking.
We originally planned to hike 2 miles -- one mile up to the falls and one mile back.

We ended up hiking 4 miles.
And aside from a bit of complaining from Lillie {who had a bit of a cold, fell in the mud, and walked in the water so she had wet feet}
everyone enjoyed themselves.
Then we went out for supper as a family.  GREAT Mother's Day!

Our friend, Ethan, came to town and had lunch with us at a fantastic pizza place nearby.
He is working one last summer at camp before going far, far away to get his Master's Degree, so we look forward to seeing him at camp when we go this summer!

We attended our friend, Hogan's birthday party.
It was at a bounce house that had a black light room.
It was so much fun!!

Papa and NaNa came to visit last weekend.  
They arrived last Friday just in time to take the kids to supper and to Brady's tball game while Ken and I attended a wedding rehearsal and went to supper to celebrate a friends birthday.
On Saturday, my dad hung my chandelier over my bed that I got as a birthday/Christmas present and we just hung out.
It looks beautiful!!!
On Sunday, after church they headed home.
It was a great weekend!

The fifth grade classes shared with everyone the dances they've been learning in Music class at the PTO meeting on Monday night.
I videoed the dances with my Nikon so Maggie took some pics with my phone.
I LOVE this one.
I didn't blur it, it just turned out this way......
focus on my girl!

Another shot of my sweet dancer.
They did such a good job!!

Wednesday was Brady's last day of preschool for the year.
Technically, he could start Kindergarten in the fall.
But since he turns 5 the day school starts next year, we've decided to give him one more  year of preschool and send him to 'big school' the following year.
I love this picture of my hubby walking him to school for his last day.....

Here he is at the end of the day with his sweet teachers.
We love Ms. Brenda and Ms. Barb.
It was a great year!!

Yesterday, was the last day of school for the girls.
After a busy day, we finally got to have our celebratory last day of school ice cream treat!

It's been a wonderful, busy two weeks.
Today is the first day of summer and it is a busy one for us! 
{you'd expect nothing less, yes?!?}

We have a Staff Cookout tonight at our house, so preparations are about to begin for that shortly.
Lillie has sleepover to attend  tonight
 Maggie and Allie both have birthday parties to attend tomorrow.
My mom and step dad arrive tomorrow afternoon.
Sunday is Old Fashioned Day at our church -- I cannot wait to see every one's clothes-- and dinner on the grounds afterwards....and then another SKG date for all the moms and girls.

It is going to be a great beginning of summer!
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, too!!

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