Friday, May 10, 2013

My Instagram Life ~ 5.10.13

I'm joining InstaFriday again today over at Life Rearranged.

 life rearranged

I love recapping our week with all the quick pics I've taken with my phone throughout the week.

I didn't actually take this one.  She took it of herself.
She and her BFF were trying to match their clothes for our SKG outing last Sunday night, so they were  texting back and forth.  This was Lillie's, "I'm waiting"  shot......

We had the best time on our SKG outing!
Shopping at Target and then on to McDonald's to talk about Mean Girls and BFF's.  
And how sometimes, they can be the same person.
And how sometimes, we can be both of these things, too!

And here they are......
I think they succeeded.

It's been very chilly here in the south to be the month of April.
Finally this week we've some actual Spring like weather.
This was one morning when it was warm enough for me to go outside as the girls waited on the bus....

So, he decided he needed a toilet paper roll......
and to get it, he flushed all the paper down the toilet.  

On Wednesday night, we had our Family Night at church.
These ladies work hard to make us a wonderful meal.
And the food was delish!!!

There is a field beside our house that will eventually be cut for hay.
Right now there are some great daisies blooming.  
So pretty!

I took the kids over there one afternoon to get some pictures.
We tried to do something artsy.
This is what we got.  
And even though they are all squinting and Brady isn't smiling -- I kinda like it.

And this is the best one we got of them cheesing it.
I like it, too!

Yesterday, our sweet friend Cassie came and went to lunch with Brady and I.
She lives in Sylva and we don't get to see her very much.
It was great to spend some time catching up with her!

We love her!!!

I did not sleep well last night.
Too many things on my mind.
SO, I got up at 4 AM and spent some time in His Word.
This is the Word he gave me!
Great reminder for me!!!

I was invited today to Brady's preschool for a special Mother's Day event.
I didn't know they were going to serve us lunch.
My sweet boy served me spaghetti and bread, with sweet tea and ice cream with strawberries for dessert.
And he made me this sweet card and that adorable sparkly candle holder.  

And now, I must be going!
We are heading out shortly to Brady's tee ball game.
Then, tomorrow we are headed to the mountains for a sweet friends bridal shower.
We we will be driving back home tomorrow evening to be here for Mother's Day.
AND- we have another sweet friend coming to visit Sunday night and Monday.  
It's going to be a busy and fun weekend.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend also!!!

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