Tuesday, April 16, 2013

T-ball Love

I accidentally took a hiatus from blogging over the last week and a half.
I often take weekends off from posting but then hubs left on a mission trip a week ago this past Sunday for a whole week.
And by the time I got everyone in bed in the evenings that week, I was too tired to worry about anything else.
Except intruders.
Because I'm a chicken.
I really dislike being home alone.
I worry about things when I'm here alone that I don't even think about otherwise.

Anyways - back to what I wanted to write about today.
Yesterday evening was Brady's first t-ball game.
We were unsure what was going to happen because he had been telling us since his last practice, on Thursday of last week, that he was NOT playing in the game.  
His reasoning was that he couldn't run....

I may or may not have bribed him with a trip to the concession stand after the game if he would just go out and play last night.....

He agreed.
So, off we went ready for our first t-ball game experience.

Here he is warming up.

Then the game started and we were in the field first.
They put my boy on the pitchers mound, which - if you know anything about t-ball is the position {along with first base} that sees the most action.
The first two batters got up.  
They hit. 
Brady just stood there.
Finally, on the third batter he decided to get the ball and throw to first!

In t- ball, the whole team bats and no one really counts outs or runs.
There are no umpires.
But at least they are learning the basics of baseball.

The teams switched places and Brady came up to bat.
He hit the ball and was encouraged loudly to RUN! 
He finally did and ended up on first.

When he got there, the first base coach was telling him where to go next.
See Brady pointing? 

When he made it to third, he spent some time fraternizing with the enemy. ;)
Seriously, these two were in their own little conversation world.
They had to be stopped so Brady could run home. 

 Which he did.
But he was out.
Good thing they don't worry about such trivial things. 

Everyone batted and it was time for the second inning.
Here is a collage of the many things Brady did while in the field.
OH, he was moved from the pitchers mound to second base.....
So, he had some more time on his hands.
Which he used to play in the dirt, sing to himself and pretend to be shooting things with his fingers....

This was on his next time batting.
While in the batters box, he stopped to ham it up for me.

and to pretend the bat was a gun.....

In the second and third inning, his coaches actually pitched the ball to them before bringing out the tee.
In the second inning he hit the ball that was pitched to him!

Here are his sisters -- cheering him on from the fence while he was on third base.
They stayed around long enough to see him bat and make it back to home before they went back to play on the playground.

 In the third inning, Brady missed all three pitches but got at good hit off the tee.

After three innings the game was over.
Everyone lined up to show some good sportsmanship.
Which is kind of easy when everyone thinks they won! =)

 Here's our happy ball player with his Daddy after the game. 

I think he might even play the game on Friday with out having to be bribed with candy.

And this Mama, who loves baseball, is so very happy about that!! 

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