Friday, April 5, 2013

My Instagram Life ~ 4.5.13

I've been out of town since Monday and arrived home yesterday evening.
Here are some of the pics I took with my phone in the past week......
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Last Sunday after church, I asked the kids to go stand by the  crosses so I could get a quick pic.
They did this just to be silly.
But, I love it!!

On Monday we drove to Georgia to my Mom's house.
One of the things I love best about her house is the view.
She lives on the bluff of a mountain and there are always beautiful sunsets and views to be seen.
This was on Monday night when we arrived.

On Tuesday we went to visit my grandparents.
My Mom's parents are 88 and 90 years old.
My grandfather is slowly going back in time.  He has dementia  (anyone know the difference between dementia and Alzheimer's?  I  don't understand why they don't say he has Alzheimer's....) 
He no longer knows his grandchildren.
My Granny takes care of him so very well.
But I cherish all of the time I get to see them both.
And my Granny gave us several pints of her homemade jelly.  
It is delicious!!! 

Another view off the deck.
It's kind of "fuzzy" because I took it from the kitchen window.
My stepdad was cooking burgers on the grill for us and Brady was 'helping' him.
They were taking in the awesome view together and Granddaddy was pointing out places in the valley to Brady.
So sweet.

This was taken on my long, rainy drive home yesterday.
It was so stinking foggy.  Raining and sleeting, too. And cold 
Was never more happy to have a warm bath than last night.

I've found that I have a hole in my "everyday" tennis shoes.
They are my "everyday" tennis shoes because they are the ones I use for walking and wearing.
Remember, I have special running shoes.
Because my sweet friends take care of me that way. 
Anyways, see that pink spot?
That's my toe sticking out.
Apparently, my baby toe sticks out and punches holes in my tennis shoes...

My husbands mom is getting ready to sell her house and in preparation has been going through her attic.
When we visited last weekend, she had two boxes for Ken to bring home and go through.
He and the kids did that this afternoon.
We are retro game rich around here now......
I'm really excited about the light brite -- I have some more of that stuff in my dad's attic.
Makes me wanna go through it all and find my light brite. and my Pucci dog....anyone know what I'm talking about?  White dog with pink ears? She was my fav....

That's it for this week.
Hope you all had a great week.
Spring Break is now over and time to hit it hard for the last 6 1/2 weeks of school.

Starting Monday.
We plan to enjoy our weekend. 

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Alyson McMahon said...

LOVE the photo of the kids with your grandparents. That is the sweetest thing. Your grandpa in his overalls made me giggle in a good way. Precious! I'm not sure the difference either, but my grandpa had dementia too and it's tough.
Score! Those games are all awesome. How fun for your kids. Happy Friday!