Saturday, April 6, 2013

Last Week.....

This past week was Spring Break around these parts. The kids and I made a quick trip to Georgia to visit family.
We arrived Monday evening and spent that evening with my Mom and stepdad  (Grammy and Granddaddy) and my brother.
I neglected to get any pics of them with the kids this time. =/ 
On Tuesday, we had a cookout at Grammy and Granddaddy's house.
My cousin brought her boys up and my stepsister and her family came, too.
The kids had a grand time playing together and the burgers were great!
This is the best pic we got of the kids.
Little JP was trying to escape...

Also, on Tuesday we went to see my Grandparents.
I know how truly blessed I am to still have a set of grandparents living. 
 They are 88 and 90 years old.
My Pa has Dementia and doesn't remember his grandchildren anymore.
But you wouldn't be able to tell it by this picture.
I love that my kids will be able to remember their great grandparents, too.
We visit with them as often as possible.

Aren't they cute?
My Granny takes such good care of my Pa.

On Wednesday, my Dad and his girlfriend, Sandra ( PawPaw and NaNa) took us all to the movies.
We saw the Croods.
The kids giggled all the way through it.
We then went to dinner (Red Lobster, yum)
and back to visit for a while before heading back to Grammy's to get some rest.

Thursday morning after a yummy breakfast of waffles made by Granddaddy and Maggie, we headed home.
In the rain and fog and sleet and generally bad weather.

It was a super short visit but so nice to see everyone.
My kids are blessed with 4 sets of grandparents, one set of great grandparents, and another great grandmother.
They are loved.  
Thank you all for loving them so well! <3 p="">

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