Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What's Up Wednesday- Ramdon Thoughts.

It's been a busy Wednesday .....
.Lillie woke up not feeling very well about 2 am.  She {and I} slept very little after that.
We've been passing this yucky stomach bug around at our house this passed week.
It started last Thursday night with Brady.  Then Maggie got it on Saturday.  And my fears were confirmed that Lillie also had it at about 4AM this morning.  

Between one sick kid and Brady here, I still  have some prepping to do for my bible study lesson tomorrow night so this is going to be short and sweet.  Here is what's been going on in my world  {and head} lately.

My best friend and her sweet girl were here in between all the sickness. Our husbands got to go away for a couple of days to play golf and we hung out at my house.
It was so wonderful to see them and we had great fun!!
But, we've decided that next time, the two Mama's are gonna go on a trip and leave the two Daddy's here with 5 kids.  

This morning my sickly girl was watching tv and a commercial came on for this game.  
Have you guys heard of the Doggie Doo Game
 In name alone, this game is gross.
As she was watching the commercial, Lillie said
  "I think every time you it does that, you get to keep it and who ever has the most wins the game."  Great. Who ever has the most poo wins.  DISGUSTING!!!
I will not be buying this game for my kids to play.

Another thing I am beginning to put a lot of into are the three parties I get to plan this year.
I think I've said this here before, but in our house you get to have big {read - invite a lot of friends} parties when you turn 5, 10, and 16. 
This year we have two kids having big birthdays.
Maggie's turns 10 at the beginning of August and Brady turns 5 at the end of the same month.
I really need to get started on their parties soon.
  I'm turning the big 40 in December.....
and I'm planning to have a big, fun, costume party!!!
I am trying to figure out when the best time is to have the party.
I think it would be super fun to celebrate my birthday (which is Christmas Eve) 
 a few days late on New Year's Eve.
But, I wonder if everything will be more expensive because it is  a holiday.....hmmmmm.

Another thing, I've been putting some thought and time into is getting Easter outfits for the kids.
I got their outfits all ordered last week and three of them have already arrived.
I can't wait to get the other one.
We are going very preppy this year with navy, green, pink and yellow.

That got me thinking of these awesome dresses that *I* would like to have for myself.
I am in love with these two dresses from WHBM!!
First, the lace tank dress.....

and second the striped tank dress.....

If only they didn't cost $170 a piece.....{Sigh}

That's about it for today.
Off to work on my bible study prep.

What's Up with you!?!


LeeAnne said...

Don't forget Randy turns 70 the 18th of August - we gotta plan a BIG party for him!!!

Suzanne said...

Easter is coming up quickly, isn't it? Thank you for the dress reminder. I need to work on pulling that together. :)

Wendy said...

Lila's dress is in the works (made by my mom), but thanks for reminding me to get the move on getting the boys'. Can't believe Maggie will be 10 and Brady 5! Seems like he was just born! :)