Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Eve

This morning at church, we had our annual Easter Celebration.
There was a pancake breakfast

a drama put on by some of our youth

Easter Egg Hunts and Scavenger Hunts.
Snocones and Popcorn....

And a visit  from the bunny....

It was a fun time for all!
There was a photobooth and I tried desperately to get a good photo of my whole family.
I'm hoping that the two other ladies who took pics got a better one than the ones taken with my camera.....=)

After we were all done at church, I ran some errands.
Which included a not so quick stop at Target with the rest of the world for eggs.

But, while at Target I ran into a friend from church and brought her daughter home with me to surprise my girls.
It was so fun to have her come over for the afternoon!

While she was here, we used the eggs I bought at Target.

Everyone loved dying the eggs.

This is the first year that we've had time to do it in a while.

I think she was bored while waiting on the egg to get as dark as she wanted it to....

He loved it!  
Oh, I forgot to mention there was face painting at church this morning, too.

 The girls loves the wax crayon to draw on the eggs.

Our dozen {minus one that got cracked, so Lillie ate it} eggs.

After our friend went home and we figured out supper for tonight, and I got everyone in bed,
The Easter Bunny did his thing.

A pair of jeans that were a super deal for the boy whose outgrown all of his other jeans, 
an angry birds tshirt,
a helicopter,
a batman notebook,
and some hand sanitizer, candy and a fun straw to round it out.

For Maggie,
a wonder woman tshirt,
a headband,
some white capri leggings,
 purple fingernail polish,
some hand sanitizer, some candy and a fun straw.

For Allie,
A batgirl tshirt,
white capri leggings, 
a head band,
teal nail polish,
some hand sanitizer, some candy and a fun straw.

For Lillie,
a Super girl tshirt, 
white capri leggings, 
a headband,
green nail polish,
some hand sanitizer, some candy and a fun straw.

And, now it's time to hit the hay
to rest up for an early day tomorrow.

Sunrise Service at 7AM!
If you are local, hope to see you there!

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