Monday, March 25, 2013

Catching Up

It's been quite a while since I posted anything here on the blog..... I really didn't mean to take a break.
But it just worked out that way. SO, now I'm going to catch you up to where I am today.

A week ago Friday, I went on a field trip with Lillie to a Science Center nearby.
The kids did a class on weather.  

Then they got to explore the museum.
They loved this green screen.  

There was a machine there that the kids could get in to experience hurricane force winds.
The first picture is the girls when they first got in....
the second is at 78.5 degrees.  
They were in there for 3 minutes.  
It was quite funny. 

Lillie and two of her friends on the field trip.

Me and my sweet Lillie.
She was so excited that I was going with her. 

On Friday night, the kids went to bed early because we had to be at church Saturday morning at 5:30AM.
We went to help serve breakfast to a housing  community with another church.
It was a fantastic experience for my kids and for me!
And one sweet gentlemen sent my husband some of his special sauce that he makes when some other folks went back this past weekend.  
Sunday was full of church and meetings, of course.

Then last Monday came. 
I made my grocery list and went to the grocery store as is my usual on Mondays.
I was standing in the middle of the coffee aisle when my phone rang.
It was my hubby calling to tell me that they had called from school and Maggie was sick.
Since I was in the middle of the store, he went to get her and I got home as quick as I could.
Maggie threw up all night long that night.
On Tuesday afternoon I took her to the doctor.
Strep Throat.
Bless her heart, because she couldn't keep anything down, they gave her a shot of penicillin.
She continued to throw up anything she ate until Saturday.
It was a very long week with one poor sick girl.

Between a sick kid, and preparing for my bible study last week, I didn't have time to do any blogging.
On Thursday night at bible study, we were to discuss the Passover.

I wanted my ladies to hear about what Jesus and The Disciples were celebrating when Jesus proclaimed the New Covenant. 

SO,  after meeting with my friend, Talia, who is Jewish and talking through the Passover,
I put together a Seder plate and had extras for my ladies to taste.
She looks scared to death doesn't she?

The ladies seemed to have a good time with it.

Most of them even trying the Hillel sandwich -- which includes a big dollop of horseradish.

I learned so much about The Passover myself 

and I hope that they did, too.

 This group loved the horseradish.

Tammy did not. =)  

I purposely didn't talk much about Jesus within the Passover because we had a young gentleman from Jews For Jesus come yesterday (Sunday) to talk specifically about that.
I simply reminded them that Jesus IS our Passover Lamb and reminded them several times to come here more about it on Sunday.
And most of them were there last night!
It was a wonderful presentation!!

Unfortunately, in the last few days I've begun feeling unwell.  On Saturday evening my throat started hurting some.  The last two days have been the same. Sore throat in the mornings and evenings but seems better during the day.
I went to Urgent Care this morning {because I don't have a family doctor here yet} 
mostly because it was a sore throat and hello? Maggie had strep.
And wanted to be sure I didn't have strep.
He said it was not strep
but then went on to say that I sort of had the "smell of strep" 
so it might be the beginnings of it and gave me a z pack.
He said IF it gets worse take the antibiotics. If it doesn't then it is just viral and it will go away.
Trouble is - I'm awful at these things.
I'm awful at taking medicines.
I always fear the side effects.
I'm awful at deciding "if" it's worse.
I mean it is worse tonight than it was at noon today. but I don't think it is any worse tonight than last night.  
I don't know how that doctor knew it wasn't strep - he didn't do a test.
SO, now I'm left trying to decide IF I should take these antibiotics.
Which I don't want to take.
But then, rhumatic fever and kidney issues don't sound great either.
But, HOW am I supposed to know?
I do have a tiny bit of drainage {sorry} and my face is kinda sore. Could be sinus troubles.....

This is going to drive me crazy.
SO, if you don't hear from me again for another two weeks, it's because I couldn't decide if it got worse or not.
Or, as per my how my anxiety presents itself - I had that big heart reaction to zpacks they were just discussing on the news.

SO, how about y'all help me out and just pray it goes away so I don't have to take the antibiotics.
You are all caught up on our lives.

Hopefully, I will feel much better tomorrow and I will be back.


LeeAnne said...

Sweetie - TAKE THE Z-PACK!!! Better to be safe than sorry. And for the sinus - i am iwth Ginger on that - NeilMed! Look at both of these as preventive for the other 4 folks in your house!!! Or better yet - come up here for the week and stay with us. I am sure Ken can take care of the children!!! Praying for a speedy recovery for you, praying for the other 4 not to get it, and praying that sweet Maggie is better!! Love you all!!!

my family said...

thanks for stopping by...hope you all stay well